4Gamer in Japan showing off Omni


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    I wonder what their kickstarter backer number was?
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    They are non-kickstarter.
    The demo was done by Chinese UNIS company who does a lot of Arcade development.
    The Japanese distributor for Omni Arena is going to be Kaga Amusement Co, Ltd.

    When I asked their representative, they said that there are additional regulatory requirements Omni needs to resolve before it can be deployed commercially in Japan.
    I asked UNIS whether the e-sports portion is associated with the Hero Sports, and they sounded like they did not know that name. May be they different joint venture partners.
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    Lol seriously!? I got an email yesterday asking if my firm would be a distributor for the Omni. That's why I came back to these forums lol.
    @admin I was told before that Heroix was the sole distributor in Asia, but I received an email from Heroix asking if my firm would be interested in being a distributor for the Omni. I would have preferred such communication to have come directly from Virtuix, but should I consider Heroix to be synonymous with Virtuix?
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    Hi Admino, yes, Heroix is our joint venture that handles all our Asia business. Let us know if you have any questions.
  • admin said:

    Hi Admino, yes, Heroix is our joint venture that handles all our Asia business. Let us know if you have any questions.

    We do not seem to know the entirety of your operation.
    Which, and How many companies are involved in this "Joint Venture" ?
    Who's the head, and who is the tail of this dragon ?
    Are you just the "KickStarter" part of the JV, and not the actual technology developer (as we were lead to believe) ?
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    JohnMarkus, our joint venture in China was formed only 6 months ago and is just for distribution. Our joint venture partner, Hero, also has an awesome game called Crisis Action that they've ported to VR and the Omni. We'll bring that game to the US soon.
  • @admin I believe I'd made a post asking about that earlier this month. Good to know we'll be getting a port.
  • @Admino I received similar email. The Heroix VR wants to sell Omni at $6,399 each (not including shipping and handling).
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    $6,399... wow. Pretty happy I placed my order when I did.
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    I received another happy email today.
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am katherine from Virtuix Omni. Our product is ready and put into mass production.
    Curretly we are searching for distributors inJapan. Do you have interest or any recommendation?
    Any reply will be much appreciated.
    [bunch of cool photos]

    [Moderator Edit - Removed Contact Information]
    @Admin: Seriously, you have to stop Hero VR to be pretending to be you. Get them to operate under their own corporate name.
  • BTW, on March 3, somebody called "陳豪 (Hao Chen)" emailed me from Hero VR, asking the same question.
    I asked him back to provide the Breakdown of the price difference between the manufacturing cost and the sale price of $6399. He did not reply.
  • Sorry for the contact information bit.

    I have been given comprehensive response on all my questions, so am satisfied now.
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