Developers page is broken

VeraxusVeraxus Posts: 39
edited February 2017 in Omni SDK
I'm having serious problems on the Developers/Resource Center page...

Neither of the SDK download buttons work. When I click agree, I'm confronted with a form and given no other information. After filling out the form, the download buttons STILL don't work and I don't so much as get a message telling me what is wrong. Likewise, when you click the "Developer Forums" button you are taken to the standard top-level forum index. You should REALLY get that page worked out. If you want developers to support your product, you can't throw up roadblocks to getting the SDK. Right now, I can't even download it and I'm not sure why. This isn't a great first impression.

Also... the video header on that page has absolutely nothing to do with development. I'd recommend replacing it.


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