Anyone else concerned about their preorder?

Ever since I heard that Virtuix will be concentrating on a more arena/arcade business model, I became a little worried about my preorder. Mainly because they cancelled all international orders. Who's to say they won't do the same to domestic orders? I'm also #9000 something in line. The delivery process seems to be going quite slow, so I'm wondering if pressure from different partnerships will come down on them and cause them to prioritize even further, excluding us.

Anyone else worried about this?


  • RABIDRABID Posts: 198
    lol mine is on the way and i will be concerned until it arrives
  • Your pre-order is on the way? Or your kickstarter order is on the way. Guessing the latter.
  • JoeJoe Posts: 201
    Im concerned for sure. Virtuix has repeatedly said they don't want to overpromose on delivery dates, but for as much as theyve upset theyre backers, theyve offered no other data to help us understand whats going on. How many kickstarters are left? How many have shipped to kickstarters? How many preorders total? How many are manufactured a month? They have to know those numbers, but arent sharing them. Ehat I do see, surveying the landscape, is that VR wasnt the boom that was predicted. The moneys not going to be in consumers, but in B2B sales, such as the arcades. VR did go big in China, and my last trip there I witnessed a VR arcade and fot a sense of how big it is there. So virtuix trickles out extras to fill orders for the kickstarters, hoping theyll cancel (cause lets face it, they also misjudged pricing and everyone that doesnt cancel gives them an epic loss). By focusing on arcades they killed content, and to keep the lights on they did thier funding rounds. So in the end, yeah, Im worried...they could go under (who will invest at this point when even the investors arent getting the story and theyve blown every prediction). They could drop us (they established precedent with the overseas move). They could just, as they did in thier last update, keep obfuscating numbers (shipped hundreds to backers AND commercial...with no breakdown). That would allow them to ship to say 50 backers and 800 commercial partners, and essentially starve us out by making us wait two more years. And in the end, they can always have that glowforge'te always welcome to cancel your order! (But we arent going to make this consumer, and if you want one after this you better have 5k and a business license ready). Im going to hold out that they are going to still come through, but if there was a viable competitor Id dump them in a heartbeat and sing the praises of someone else. The amount of marketing and promotion Ive done for this company for YEARS makes me sick.
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    Hi @Joe - we're sorry that fulfilment is taking so long. Omnis are indeed being sent out to backers, but these must go through a rigorous inspection process; we'd hate for someone to have a hardware problem, and so we do our best to minimise such incidences. It does unfortunately slow the process down, but this is not intentional; team members from all departments are rolling up their sleeves and helping to send these units out from the head office. We are all very much looking forward to seeing our domestic users enjoying their Omnis.
    by focusing on arcades they killed content, and to keep the lights on they did thier funding rounds.

    We believe that supplying commercial outlets and thereby fostering the arcade market will create viable opportunities for developers to increase their earnings, which will in turn increase the amount of compatible content for home users. While we do not distinguish between arcade and home users (we want everyone to enjoy the Omni, naturally), our actions are definitely motivated by a desire to ultimately benefit home users. We believe the Omni belongs in the home - our vision hasn't changed in this regard.

    It is not accurate to say that the decision to suspend consumer sales came long before the last funding round. On the contrary, this was a very late decision that was influenced by the level of funding. Of course Virtuix would love to still be selling to consumers - that was and remains the ultimate goal, but we are still a small start-up and we just don't have the resources to do that for now. It is heartbreaking for us, as it has been for our international backers and supporters, and we can only hope that it won't be too long before the Omni becomes available again internationally though distributors.

    This has been a blow, but we're determined to get back on our feet and keep fighting to restore full locomotion to VR, and hopefully the community will join us in that fight. We appreciate everyone's involvement over the last few years - we would not be here without you all, and we are deeply humbled by the support of those who continue to do so despite this setback.
    Community Manager at Virtuix
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    "By focusing on arcades they killed content" is a misstatement and illustrates a misunderstanding of the VR content market today. VR game developers are currently keeping their lights on thanks to the arcade market. By focusing on arcades, we are in the process of securing great content for the Omni.
  • JoeJoe Posts: 201
    That implies that the arcade game experiences developed for Omnis will come to the home users...that would be outstanding if thats the case.
  • adminadmin Posts: 169
    Hi Joe, yes indeed, and it's not just arcade game experiences. Arcades are seeing successes with "consumer games" like Arizona Sunshine that are being played at arcades. Most VR arcades use a "time based" payment system instead of a traditional "session based" system, so they don't need to exclusively offer typical arcade-style games.
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