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First I would like to say that I am impressed about the omni it looks amazing and I am looking forward to back this project on kickstarter.

I was wondering if there will be an SDK available to get more info from the omni? You say that all games will work because it fakes keypresses, but I am sure dev's will be able to create awesome stuff if they have access to the actual data generated by the omni.


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    Hi, yes, ultimately our SDK will provide more than emulated key presses: walking speed and walking orientation (so that walking can be de-coupled from the viewing orientation) are next on the list. Thank you for your support!
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    I was coming here to ask the same question. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Also somehow I had never read that it will, rudimentary at least, be able to be used in all games. I think we can all agree one of the biggest flaws with most VR hardware these days is lack of support. The Hydra specifically to me is the biggest shame of them all in that department, even though it blows me away using it in silly things like that Tuscany demo.
  • Any idea when the SDK will be available for devs? Can't wait to get my hands on it.
  • Hey @Shadow-Link‌ - we were on track to release the Omni SDK just after GDC. However, we allowed people to try out the Omni at GDC for the very first time and received some great feedback. So, it will be another few weeks before we have something for you. Are you using a game engine by chance? If so, which one?
  • Hi Robert, Thanks for the quick response I am using a custom c++ engine.
  • Cool - you should be able to access the DLL directly. The wrappers we are building for both Unreal and Unity will give you enough insight on how to map the input functions accordingly.
  • Robert,
    I'm guessing that is how I'll also be implementing Omni support into HL2VR. I'm not expecting a Source wrapper, but HL2 is written in C++, so I'll be accessing the DLL? Via an API?
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    Any updates on when SDK will be available for kickstarted dev's?
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    Any news on this? Shipment should start in about a month. Think it would be good if the SDK is available before that so devs can implements native support for the omni in their games.
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    @Shadow-Link and @AgentLeo, we are still working hard on our SDK, and yes indeed we should be making the SDK available before shipment. Keep checking the forums and hopefully we will have more specific details for you soon!
  • Will the SDK be compatible to Unity3D and or Unreal Engine?
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    @LloydCorfex I believe so, those are popular engines and were cited by Dev_Guy_Robert a few posts back.
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  • Our first engine to integrate with the Omni SDK will be Unity, shortly followed by Unreal Engine 4.
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    So in january an early developer preview was announced (which got delayed to after GDC which got delayed a "few" more weeks). Almost 9 months later I haven't heard anything about this yet. I really want to support the Omni in my game, but this will be really hard if you don't give us any information regarding the SDK.
    I can imagine that Unity/unreal integration takes a bit longer but I am only interested in the Raw data. Is there any possibility we can get access to an early preview now? Even if this is still in early early alpha stage.

    It's hard to create a proper SDK (even the oculus team has a lot of troubles getting something stable out there), but some more communication with your backers would be nice.
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    @Shadow-Link Thanks for raising this issue, I'm sure the team are working furiously to get it ready. Is there a projected date yet for the SDK @Dev_Guy_Robert?
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  • I am doing a type of game that run within browser (Chrome/Mozilla) HTML5 and currently I able to support the Gamepad (Logitech Gamepad for my testing) and I am planning to support Virtuix if you are supporting the HTML5. Let me know if this is possible so that I can start planning to order couple units.
  • Hey everyone! We are indeed improving the tracking technology we are using on the Omni in order to have an even more responsive outpu coming from the Omni. And we're not talking about a small improvement...

    So, until all the finetuning is accomplished, we are holding off the release of the Omni SDK. However, we are sticking to the original assertion that substituting an analog joystick into you game experience provides a good alternative for the Omni's basic functionality.

    @whitematter‌ - the Omni doesn't generate any code to be used for applications. We simply pass information across USB. The application engine you use will then interpret that connection.

    I do know that Chrome is able to interpret gamepad input using the Gamepad API
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    Any update on the SDK? last year the Omni was said to be shipped out by February and this year I've read it's planned to be shipped out in April! -is that for new customer of this year and last? Anyway it would be good to examine and integrate any code so by the time the Omni arrives we can get right into testing in action. If there is an SDK already available to download, I must of missed it.. maybe not so visually apparent?
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    I think it's coming soon @Ascensi‌. The switch from capacitive-based tracking is probably responsible for the delay. The email you need to get in touch with them is [email protected]
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