April update discussion thread

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Linking the April update for easy refernce. Im sad to not have more details on shipments (Suteki has shared a bit more thankfully). But there are some cool games integrating thr SDK as first party which is a good sign! Ive heard good things about Arizona Sunshine...any omni owners want to give that a try and report back how it works/feels?


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    DO NOT let this all be an april fools joke :D
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    Is there a list of games not made by Virtuix which are integrating the Omni SDK? And would it be possible to integrate the Omni SDK as a supported controller for the Unreal and Unity engines, so developers don't have to invest much into giving support?
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    They really are pushing away from using the Omni with ANY legacy game eh? Blog section removed, youtube videos removed as well save for their Travr Ops (I really **** hate vr games that insist to have vr 'cleverly' added in the title.)

    Derp the forum is having troubles? Either way something else I noticed, when you go to their youtube and click playlists is there a reason why when I click one of their videos I get this before the message then switches to "This video is private"?

    -edit Activision really claim copyright? Or maybe they bought you guys? I'd be cool with that.... I think..
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    Yomer, I believe there are forum threads in it. The generic WASD driver plus vorpx seems to be the way to go for most classic games, and theyre pushing the SDK (from what I inderstand unity and unreal are the main supported platforms). I grabbed the SDK and will give it a shot soon.

    The website update is welcome..if the companys going to focus on commercial they may as well be up front about it and have media that relates to that goal vs having consumer videos for a device that is no longer targeting consumers. I expect the youtube channel to start showing more vr arcade style works.

    I would've liked more detail on if they are still gated by inspections, or of they've been able to ramp production.
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    Xain said:

    -edit Activision really claim copyright? Or maybe they bought you guys? I'd be cool with that.... I think..

    Likely claiming it due to Call of Duty in the title and such.
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    Any update on where they're at on production / consumer fulfillment?
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    Kickstarter backer 1451 got their mail in the last day or so. (Kickstarter discussion forum - 'so has anyone gotten thier mail yet thread')
  • I'm going to be needing my Omni soon.
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    I'm going to be needing my Omni soon.

    @gleamingsands the wait is very frustrating, I'm sorry - the team is continuing to work through the Kickstarter rewards, to be followed by pre-orders.
    Community Manager at Virtuix
  • @sutekiB You ain't gotta explain it man, I was just pontificating. I should have picked up that Omni for sale on Craigslist, the cost would have ended being about the same overall given the delivery fee.
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    I should have picked up that Omni for sale on Craigslist, the cost would have ended being about the same overall given the delivery fee.

    you could buy this one LMFAO!!! he's asking WAY too much imo.. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/nby/ele/6073193275.html
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    Actually I think he is asking too low. He's right...there is no way to get one right now unless you are a kickstarter backer resale or commercial, and there are not many in the world. Also there is no competition or alternative at this time, or even a solid diy solution. And he is in San Fran. I'd have asked four grand and gone from there. I don't think people realize how much of a unicorn this thing is. If Virtuix does go under, the value will skyrocket. Indont think the value will last long term either way, so he is looking to cash in

  • It'd be nice to think that I'm in line to get one and they aren't going to try and force a refund on United States Pre-Orders.
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    They could probably do that since the kickstarter obligation would be fufilled. I think they do want to fufill preorders though. They've been jamming on the kickstarters. I am anxious to see what the next update reports...we are a week out. About a week ago I think kickstarter 2000 was surpassed...we should be into preorders soon so we will find out then. Eerily quiet out there for what is probably 500 units to is consumers
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    Yesterday, I've receive price list from chinese company "Oulatech" that selling car/flight/shooter simulators, and they have Omni for whopping 5600 USD not including shipping to the US. It is a bungle: Omni+HTV Vive+PC, but still.. 5600USD. And they have it in stock.
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    Yep. Thats kinda what Ive been seeing on alibaba and such...chinas taking the inventory and offering to resell it at about 5500 to 7000. Tons of them are listed, and Ive even seen them on facebook promoting them
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    We cant receive our 3 year old preorders in US, but we can buy it from chinese folks for 10x the price, while Virtuix itself "building" commercial arcade network.
    Sounds like a plot for a decent movie.
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    Anybody know the cost of each Omni to Virtuix? I'm not speaking of the tooling, which I think was financed another way.
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