Initial Impressions (HELP Needed too)

So after 3 years of waiting, very expensive shipping and a trip across the boarder to Seattle to get (we live in Vancouver), we finally have our Omni!
Overall initial impressions are the build quality is very very good, but the experience itself makes us very very motion sick. At least TRAVR: TRAINING OPS did. The walking speed is set insanely high so one step is the equivalent to 2 or 3 in real life and steps are not at all accurate compared to your actual feet and seem VERY glitchy. I found myself moving when I did not want to, and unable to move for a moment when I did. The slightest step forward lunges you 6 feet forward. There were glimpses of it feeling right when moving briskly forward, but any thing slower felt way off the mark. Like WAY OFF!! I am dearly hoping that the other demos track your feet better or that there is a setting to adjust as the potential is there, but not as it is right now. My concern is how the Omni tracks your feet. It seems to be tracked from the top ring that the harness rests om as the wires run the and not the deck. This concerns me as surely sensors on the deck would have allowed for more accurate tracking that ones 3 feet above. I am very perplexed by this design decision. I am also perplexed as to why the harness side mounts are raised 2" from the part that runs around the ring as it raises it right to elbow smacking height. I am a little shocked as both of these items should have been flushed out in a 3 year project. We will see as perhaps I will get use to the raised belt and the tracking can be improved to be just as accurate as a deck sensor grid.

The ViVe has never made me feel sick, but the Omni with the ViVE sure did. You can feel the potential here if it was just more accurate. Any suggestions?

Feel free to ask me questions. I am going to go play with the settings next and wait for this VR sickness to wear off before trying other experiences


  • pittsburghjoepittsburghjoe Posts: 58
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    I noticed much better tracking after updating the firmware on everything (Omni Connect). You need to go into the advanced settings and play with the "Speed Sensitivity" bar after updating. I find the omni to be very far from natural walking're just gonna haveta deal with it.
  • JoeJoe Posts: 201
    If you hate it and decide you want to dump it back in seattle Ill pay ya 800 for it :)
  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    Hi @VRMatthew, there is currently no setting to adjust speed in native Omni games, but thank you for the feedback.
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    Hi VRMatthew, thank you for your feedback. We agree that the speed in Training Ops is high for new players, and we are actually experimenting with decreasing it. Did you try Shadow Ops yet? That game is much slower and more comfortable for new players.
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    @admin Wait, wait, wait. So I would like some clarification. The movement speed in games that a dev makes for the Omni will be left up to the discretion of said dev? So what if we have a dev who is some tiny, tiny manlet of a man whose 5 steps are equal to my one. You are telling me that the user cannot adjust how fast or slow they go and because Shrimp Miester McShortLegs doesn't realize that the movement speed is a problem for other people we're just... screwed? I mean I would be mad if I wasn't completely immune to VR sickness but this definately seems like it will be an issue.

    Are there plans to allow the user to at least lower their movement speed? I'm sure not everyone will be able to handle being Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • I noticed that myself. Why are the games set to move at speeds higher than what seems appropriate to begin with? It makes no sense. Our poor Chinese friends are short to begin with, how are they going to handle moving like leaping giants?
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    It is at the discretion of the developer. Certain games are meant to be played at a fast pace, others at a slower pace. I played a certain upcoming game for the Omni today, and I thought the pace was great - not as fast as Training Ops. Can't imagine anyone getting sick playing it. You might get a little scared though!
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    Can you please create a youtube video showing a dev importing the Virtuix sdk into Unity or UE4 and do something with it?
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