Omni Arena updated

@admin can we PLEASE get it updated to work with the Oculus Rift and touch controllers?


  • DanteMDanteM Posts: 212
    edited May 2017
    anyone else still think that it's absolutely silly that the multiplayer is LAN only... why hasn't the function to host online multiplayer became a thing yet? I understand Virtuix doesn't want to host servers as that requires a server computer to host from, but if you just implement the function to allow users to host their own sessions then we would easily have online multiplayer. We could in theory even connect with all the VR arcades, as well as other Omni owners with ease then. . . I know y'all said a few months back you would look into it over the weekend but then it never happened.

    Would be as simple as allowing a user to host a multiplayer sessions from their own machine (either the one the Omni is connected to or just another machine they have in their house), and allow users to join private sessions. I'm sure we would see quite a few people hosting 24//7 sessions for people to join any time and play with friends. I know I myself have a server closet at my place where I have a machine running RUST, ARK, AAPG, and a few other servers wouldn't mind tossing in some Omni Arena into that list haha.
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