So Gamepad mode is incompatible with gamepad controls? I'm so confused.

lipploglipplog Posts: 104
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If I'm understanding this correctly, gamepad mode does not mean playing games configured for gamepads, it means playing games configured for the Omni SDK. Is that right? If so, why not just call it Omni mode? Why confuse everyone by calling it gamepad mode when gamepad only games are incompatible with the Omni? This confusion cost me money when I bought The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter VR, which apparently is a gamepad only game.

EDIT: So it turns out Gamepad Mode DOES support games with gamepad controls, UNLESS that controller is an XBOX controller. For that, addictional software may be required. But based on the other forum threads on Ethan Carter, Im guessing it still doesn't work. If anyone has resolved this, please let me know.


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