Got mine - backer 2,275

Got my Omni today! It could have been here on Thursday, had to arrange to be home to get it. I'm backer number 2,275
The trucking company here in LA was very cool, they dropped the pallet off, then the guy helped me uncreate it and even helped carry the parts upstairs.
I've got it in the living room - takes up a fair amount of space but I'm renovating my office. It is pretty heavy, but it's movable.
Now, time to install the software and go in! :smile: I'm using it with a Vive.
I also just applied for SDK access, would be great to work on some Arch Viz with it. I did speak to a few people in the Arch Viz industry who seemed to think their clients wouldn't go in one, however.I guess people buying expensive commercial buildings don't like to strap on HMD's!

== John ==
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