Backer #3725 with no communication about shipping yet.

This is a complicated situation:
I backed the Kickstarter on my account on behalf of a friend so that they could receive the Omni. I had them input their information (email, addres, phone, etc) for the order fulfillment back in 2015 so the unit would get shipped to them. Since then, however, my friend acquired an HTC Vive and decided that the room-scaling negated his need for the Omni. I have all of the order information, so I'd like to receive the Omni for myself again, especially since I was the one who backed the Kickstarter. However, neither my friend nor myself have any record of an email in the past few months about shipping and paying the cost of shipping. Could someone at Virtuix be able to contact me so I can revise the shipping information to my home, possibly change the shoe size that was added to the order (I have bigger feet than my friend), and determine if I can pick up the Omni unit directly (if it ships from Texas) rather than pay to have it shipped?

Please let me know what information you need me to provide in order to facilitate any of these changes. I'm anxious to try out the Omni and purchase an Oculus to supplement the VR experience :)

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