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Now that kickstarters are all fufilled, I think we should track the pre orders as much as possible so we can get an idea of when ours are coming in. My order number is over 1000 so I'm not expecting mine till next year, but would be nice to get a better idea


  • I just received notification and my order is ready to ship but I am bummed and don't know what to do. They no longer support the Rift which is what I have and they no longer support consumers only commercial.
    I am so crossed I'm just going to sit and think about it unless someone has any hopeful information about any kind of support either Rift or just ANY support if I receive it. It sucks I waited 3-1/2 years and come to find out they made these major changes.
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    I'm in tha exact same boat...the product I purchased and that they advertised is not what they're delivering. I'm hoping to make some cash by doing software development for it, but may just decide its not worth it and sell it off. I've heard vorpx does get it working with fps games, and that may be worth keeping it if that's true.
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    My pre order is 2060 and still nothing so far. Has anyone got confirmations higher than that?
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    I was in the 1400s...I bet you're very close. May not be a bad idea to email them just in case. I've seen a few fall through the cracks
  • I emailed Sept 5th to inquire about my Omni, got a message back Sept 6th. I got another email Sept 14th saying it was preparing to ship, and then another email asking me to verify my information, also on the 14th. On the 19th I got an email to pay for shipping. I paid today on the 25th. I'll update when I receive the email with my delivery information, and again, when the omni and accessories arrive at my door step.
  • MrHmYesQuite what was your order #?
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    yannis said:

    MrHmYesQuite what was your order #?

    17789 is my current order number it was a little lower when I first pre-ordered, but when I added the accessories it went up to 17789, my final shipping order number was higher, it was 22869
    As of today October 11th, 2017, my order has just shipped. I was sent two emails. One for the boom, the rack, and the harness, and another email for what I assume is the full omni unit with the shoes and stand included.
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    this is a bit confussing since the order numbers are in 1000nds not 10,0000nds. Virtuix had changed the order numbers do you remember what was your original number or when you placed the order? my order number is around 2400 and haven't heard anything from them and i did contact them to see how close i am but they would not tell me over email.
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    This may come as a shock to you, but if your initial shipment for the harness didn't say shoes were included, you'll be receiving them later in a separate shipment. I've had my harness since about Wednesday but my shoes won't be here till Monday. Omni is all set up and ready to go apart from that.
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    yannis said:

    this is a bit confussing since the order numbers are in 1000nds not 10,0000nds. Virtuix had changed the order numbers do you remember what was your original number or when you placed the order? my order number is around 2400 and haven't heard anything from them and i did contact them to see how close i am but they would not tell me over email.

    My original order number was only like 100-400 below 17789, it wasn't that far apart. I sent them an email on Sept 5th and they also told me they weren't quite sure on Sept 6th, but to keep me posted in the coming months, and then I got an email like 2 weeks later on Sept 14th, telling me things were underway. They wouldn't give me any specific dates, and then, they began processing my order earlier than I expected. I'm definitely happy I'm going to get my unit, it was almost a year to the day, I placed my order, I placed it sometime in October 2016, I know some have been waiting for 4+ years, Joe said, you just need to remind them, in case you fall through the cracks, so that's what I did, I just sent them an email, inquiring. Perhaps my state was already on their list of shipping, and they're going state by state. Hopefully you get an email soon about yours being ready to ship.

    I got another email for the shoes and VR stands. Everything has trickled in by today. The harness, the VR rack, the VR stands, the VR Boom, and the shoes. the only thing not showing up at my door is the omni unit itself, based on the tracking I think it's hanging out in the port of Miami, tracking hasn't been updated since the 16th.
  • I was called to make an appointment for a drop off time and scheduled my Omni to arrive today. I unpacked it and repacked it. I now have everything sitting in boxes downstairs. I need to build the Omni, download the software, get VorpX, get xpadder, and start tinkering. I know Joe made some notes about the specific order of launching programs so you can use a controller for button presses and the Omni for walking, so once I get everything set up, I'll probably document my process in getting things to work. I've heard mention of software versions and things like that, so I may look into that before I commit to anything, more updates once I get everything figured out.
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    What email address should I contact them at? The support page says it's for commercial customers only . Thanks for any help. My order number is #9854 which means they missed me if they are already up to 17,000,
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    My order number is #2940. I contacted them again and they said that the number doesn't means anything and that they don't know how to give me an idea of how many people are ahead of me because apparently people who haven't responded when they contacted them now appear and get at the head of the line. Usual Virtuix BS. I wish i haven't bought stock at the company because with such an attitude someone high up will sell it as fast as they get a good price and screw anyone he/she is in the way.
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    Yeah, I feel bad for anyone that invested in them. They haven't really shown any business IQ at all...from the way they've handled their preorder and kickstarter backers, to their lack of ability to do logistics that every other company seems to get right, to even communication about units shipped/revenue. Even from a technology standpoint, they haven't gotten a solid solution that works across platforms, and from a partnering perspective they haven't drawn in any of the big players (gameworks, dave and busters, etc). Oh well
  • I'm still holding out hope. I'm glad there is still at least some kind of traffic through this forum. I'm with you @willE. My order number is next to yours and I was told several months. Finger's crossed.
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    Ordered in 2014, still waiting....
  • I am pre order 8823 anyway to find out where they are at?
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    Here are some BS communications I have received lately from Virtuix. If anyone has any ideas on getting any actual info from them i'm all ears. Clearly they do not respond to the forum anymore. They may not even look at it as far as i can tell.

    Sep 4, 2017
    > Our apologies for the long delays.
    > We have recently finished reaching out to all our Kickstarter backers
    > regarding shipping, and so we are addressing our pre-order customers next.
    > However, we have a constant stream of backers getting back to us, so
    > it is difficult to predict how long it will take to reach a specific
    > order in the queue. We are also still progressing slowly for quality
    > purposes. Due to this necessity, it may be several more months before your order ships.
    > Because the wait will be so long, we are able to offer a full refund
    > if needed, just let us know.
    > When your order is ready to ship, we will notify you of shipping costs.

    September 7, 2017

    We apologise for not being able to give you a clearer estimate of when you will receive your pre-order. Unfortunately, it would not help to provide the order number for the latest pre-order that has been fulfilled, as we still have Kickstarter backers whom we have not previously heard from getting in touch with us to provide their shipping details - this unpredictably affects the rate at which we can fulfil pre-orders.

    We apologise for the inconvenience, and we appreciate your continued support.

    October 20, 2017 (after I tried to inquire about the order number sequence)
    Our apologies for the confusion. The order number is not exactly representative of the delivery order, but everything is still okay with your order and you are still on the list to have it fulfilled in the next few months. It will take us some time as we do have people from further back who sporadically get in touch with us.

    If the wait has become too long, we are able to offer refunds via check – just let us know.

    Best regards,
    The Virtuix Team
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    My order was 1478, from January 2015. I still haven't heard anything...going on 3 years, LOL.
    It's really weird if people with orders in the 17,000s are getting them when those of us much lower are not? Maybe they're sending out to people who paid more first, hoping those who paid less will get fed up and cancel?

    To be honest, with how VR has developed I'm on the fence with whether the Omni even makes sense. It seems like it's not really being supported for consumers anymore. But, regardless, I'm sticking through to the bitter end, even just for the novelty of it.
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    The consumer support from Virtuix is sad. I personally love my Omni units but only because I've got them working on 130+ VR games. Thanks to software developed by other sources. It is clear they would like all consumers to accept refund instead of shipping them units. However the unit is well built and worth waiting on in my opinion.
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    I'll never give up . The money is of no matter and it's not my concern that they discovered later that they can make 10x more from the omni i paid them for. That's business. They will never get rid of me and if they try anything like the stand they pulled to international users I'll drag them to court just for the F... of it.
    I am in the start -up business and I hate dishonest people/companies because they screw it up for the rest of us.
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    I am pre order number 2140 and have emailed a few times to the same responses above. Nothing about shipping yet... are they shipping all their products to their new commercial customers? I get that feeling after being in the dark so long. Has anyone else recently received their Omni? Anyways hope to hear soon.
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    Just an update for you pre-order numbers are apparently useless to gage when delivery will be im assuming time of order is a better method for determining expected wait. I ordered 4/15/2014 I just got the email a few weeks ago so hopefully get my units soon.
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    Ejkilija - They're prioritizing commercial customers over preorders from what we can tell. So they'll get to you when they get to you. Don't worry, when you get it, you'll see that, unless you're running an arcade, they can care less about you. All of the updates don't even mention preorders, and the Omni software they're shipping is for commercial customers only. We (preorders) got a couple of games and a firmware update, and devs have zero incentive to make games for us. I think when you both do get your Omni, you'll see that its like having a smartphone on an island with no could've been fun, and it is a little while the battery works, but after a bit, it just is frustrating for its lost potential
  • Well that doesn't sound like a promising review. Pretty lame that they aren't even providing software to pre-orders. They're the ones who decided to change things up, long after they took our money.
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    Agreed. They also reneged in many of the Kickstarter promises like it being foldable, and supporting multiple headsets. They’ve gotten to the point where they’ve released firmware that no longer supports Occulus...this happened after my unit arrived. They promised that the arcade approach with commercial would cause developers to be inspired to make games for it, but we’ve not seen that approach yield results. In fact, the Omniverse being commercial only further solidified that we won’t be seeing games
  • Ah yeah it is a real shame to see where this has ended up. I am still hopeful to be able to at a minimum map wasd to movement ... My order was placed October 25, 2014 so hopefully I will hear soon. Thanks for the information guys.
  • Virtuix sent out the January 2018 newsletter. There is no mention of shipping pre-orders. I suspect that we'll see a refund/cancellation sweep of all outstanding orders in the next month or so.
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    It’s intereting they mention shipping only 2000 last year. At 5000 each (assuming that’s the commercial price) that gives them a million in revenue. I imagine the cost of manufacturing is substantial, and a million only covers about ten developers salaries if they’re average. I just don’t see how they’re making money to sustain the business with those numbers. Maybe Omniverse is a cash cow.
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