Pre order notification thread



  • aeosaeos Posts: 5
    I ordered over 4 years ago now, mid april 2014, such a slap in the face to get an email about their new investment round knowing how they've treated the people who gave them money early on.
  • JoeJoe Posts: 201
    They just said they hit profitability,then immediately asked for more cash. at some point I imagine investors will not be seeing the returns they need to make this worth it, and they'll have to liquidate. I was just in Japan and saw the VR arcades there....they weren't using Omnis in any of the four VR setups I witnessed (one was actually a PS Move built into an arcade, two were 'arena' style, and one was a game where you're guarding a post and teleport to move against others...). They were doing fine without a locomotion system. The Arena VR setups were actually amazing (maybe 1000 square feet? Anyway, I'm not seeing a huge penetration of VR arcades, or sales of omnis, or support from software developers. It's not like they're listing 20 games a month. So...I see them getting come uppance
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