Standing + Room Scale profiles

Is there any way to have Standing setup and Room scale setup saved so I can switch between them. I have stationary setup in large room, but I need both modes in order to use Omi that works in Standing only. While I want to play certain titles in room scale. Cause now I have to re calibrate every damn time.


  • I too have this problem (well... 'inconvenience')... Unfortunately that's something only Valve could implement. I don't think there is a way to do that atm.
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    Alright guys at Viveport helped me:

    "If you have the "Advanced Option" add on (Open VR) in your SteamVR dashboard. You can save multiple room scale setups under different names and recall them as needed. Look under the chaperone option there, it seems to work well."
    OpenVR advanced settings.

    works great for me

    and actually Omni works just fine in roomscale, you just see boundaries, if u turn them off as Developer mode under Chaperone setup then its not that annoying.
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