Scratches on treadmill base

I have been extensively using the omni for the past couple of weeks (6 hrs /day). The base is getting scratched pretty badly in the last few days. I have installed the omni in a small carpeted room and vacuumed the room thinking some dirt might have caused this. Even after cleaning, I am getting some scratches and the plastic sole on the shoes are wearing out leaving yellow residue on the treadmill like in the picture. I am currently cleaning the base and the shoes with a wet towel.

Is anyone else facing this issue. How to better maintain the omni? Is there a way to remove the scratches so that it does not affect the walking, like polishing or something?


  • lipploglipplog Posts: 104
    I seem to remember an early video of Jan explaining how this kind of wear would actually improve performance. I wish I void remember the details. I don’t know if this is still the case though. I’d email support and ask.
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