Geocaching game concept

I really enjoy 'being in VR', and exploring in VR...I'm thinking of creating a game (well, more than thinking, I started) which is simply a game to showcase the Omni as a locomotion device. The idea of the game is simple..explore, and find cool things given coordinates...essentially like geocaching. The map would be divided up into sections (the fantasy section would have castles and such, the sci fi section may have crashed ships, the nature section would have trees, flowers, and a lake, the horror section may have ...well scary things, etc.). The explorer would then be able to choose where to walk, and what they wanted to see...and then in each section they'd have coordinates they can look up to find points of interest.

Ideally the weather, water, and scenery would be the create a world in VR that would just be pleasant to walk around in...not too big. And the whole thing would use the Omni SDK.

I'll see how far I can get...I have the Gaia plugin working and have a world up and running,and the Unity SDK was a cinch to get going. I'm thinking of a crashed ship in the sci fi section for one point of interest, and maybe a pretty lake view/boat floating for the natural one. If you have ideas, or if you think it's lame, let me know.

I just really want more Omni content that uses the SDK...and so I'm just going to make it.


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