Suggestions for the Omni 2.0

What the Omni gets right is the body motion. Raising your feet at the knee, then forcing them down and back in an alternating rhythm is the muscle memory you want to be tapping into. That’s how you convince your brain that you’re actually running through virtual space, rather than on a static platform.

What the Omni gets wrong occurs the second your foot hits the surface. In real life, your foot plants itself on the ground, grips the surface with its toes, then pushes off, thrusting the body forward through space. In the Omni, when the foot hits the surface, instead of gripping, it slides back beneath your body. Instead of the sensation of gripping, pushing off, and thrusting forward, the muscle memory you’re invoking is the sensation of slipping. And If you’re slipping your brain knows you’re not moving forward, but precariously sliding around in place.

So the Omni gets it half right by succeeding in simulating the action of your body, but fails to simulate the reaction of the ground under your feet.

If I were designing the Omni 2.0, I‘d keep the body ring harness, but take the dome surface where your feet slide, and replace it with a flat, textured, flexible, conveyor belt that can move in any direction. Now when the feet come down, they can plant, grip, and launch forward. Give the belt just enough resistance to simulate soft but solid ground beneath your feet.


  • How would a concave omnidirectional conveyor belt even work? THis is the Omni 2.0, the original had a similar yet more simplistic design. If you can draw me a diagram of how an omnidirectional conveyer would would I would love to see it but I don't think it's at all possible. There was an episode of freakazoid where he was essentially running on a ball and strapped to a harness, which would accomplish what you are trying to but it would also be much less cost effective and realistic. .
  • lipploglipplog Posts: 104
    I agree. This idea is definitely less cost-effective. I’m purely going on what the best experience possible could be. But I have seen the conveyor belt idea implimente in prototype form. On a large room scale level, and in a small single player size. I’ve been googling using every key word I can think of to find the video clip I saw (most likely on reddit), but no luck as of yet. I’ll post here if I find it.
    And just so people here know, I do love my Omni. And I’d love for it to be even better.
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