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Windland works with gamepad mode. Drop the contents of one of these archives into steamapps/common/Windlands
OMNI 64bit
X360 64bit
XONE 64bit

It is not necessary to use either X360 or XONE unless you want to use a controller with the OMNI. You can use the OMNI and motion controllers. When starting the game I suggest you setup the game without any comfort mode options and if using the motion controls you can turn on decoupled mode. Run speed is slower than I'd like but that is an issue with the OMNI that I haven't figured out how to solve. The OMNI doesn't push the stick all the way in any direction even when running as fast as possible. So to get more speed you will have to press the thumbstick/trackpad. The game has an option for sensitivity but didn't seem to do anything for me.
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