VRZ Torment Ready for New SDK/Firmware

EVOLEVOL Posts: 203
edited October 2017 in Compatible Games
The developer informed me that this game has support for the New SDK/Firmware. I have tried it out and it does indeed work!

The Virtuix support on the Steam version might be hidden though. I was told it would be but when I did the hack to enable it I found it was already done.
If you start the game and find that you cannot walk in the Omni here is how to enable it. You can also just go through these steps first to verify if you prefer.

First open Registry Editor. (To do that right click on the windows start icon in the bottom left of the screen, select Run and type regedit.)

Navigate to this location:

Right click and select Modify, then change the value data to 3 and click ok.

You will need the latest Virtuix firmware update.

As a side note the in game option to enable a VR treadmill will still be grayed out even when it is working.
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