Virtuix abandons Rift owners

While weeding out my inbox, I just noticed this little gem in the October Firmware update email:
"Our games, calibration app, and SDK are no longer tested with the Oculus Rift and are not compatible with Oculus Touch. We do not recommend you upgrade the firmware and games if you are using Oculus Rift."
Man, Virtuix... you guys just keep disappointing. I spent thousands on your hardware when Rift was literally the only VR headset on the horizon and the only headset you were supporting... and now that it's the most common and popular PCVR device on the planet, you are spitting in my face again? Wow, I wish I could recover just some of the money I've wasted on my Omni, let alone the countless hours I've spent trying to hack support for XBox controller, Touch, and Vive Wand emulation. I don't even have a Vive any more - because it's less comfortable than my Rift and the wands, which I used to love, now feel terrible next to the natural, invisible design of Touch.
Thanks for nothing. :angry::disappointed:


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