Serious Omni Connect issues

I've sent out a request to my distributor and an email to the support team for help but thought I'd pose the issues here as well. This is a copy of my email to the Virtuix support team.

"When Omni connect is installed on my PC, when I restart my PC it hangs on the boot screen (the one that tells you to push a button to enter bios) until I disconnect the omni itself. If it's already disconnected, I need to connect it and then disconnect it again just to get my PC to get to windows. While the omni connect is installed, I see a lock icon on the picture of the Omni, when I use the calibration tool my distributor sent me, the lock goes away temporarily, but then after a short while (or perhaps a few programs opened) it shows the locked image again.

I know the oculus rift isn't supported, but it's still supposed to function, instead what happens is my screen in the headset flashes on and off again like mad, or at least it used to. Now it stays off (but I can still hear what's happening in oculus home) and only flashes on occasionally. Even when omni connect is off my oculus rift is still giving me problems.

I will test out my vive soon, but I have huge doubts it's going to work.

The only way to resolve the booting issue and the oculus rift flashing like mad is to uninstall the omni connect. I have not gotten the Omni to work once yet. I'll try to reset my PC and reinstall oculus this weekend, but please tell me this problem sounds familiar and you know what's wrong."


  • flamaestflamaest Posts: 111
    Could there be a general USB issue here? Some older machines needed USB cards to support all the USB connection required for VR, let alone adding the Omni to the mix. Can you boot OK without any VR stuff connected, and ONLY having the OMNI/Mouse/KB connected?
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