Looking for a good DIY Omni solution

Hello everyone, I'm looking to build a DIY version of the omni, since Virtuix isn't selling to consumers anymore.

Some people have said the omni is a piece of unimmersive crap, but I've talked to people who are using the latest version of the omni and from what I can tell, it's a decent product. Obviously the walking is not quite as accurate as actually walking around or using an Infinideck, but it will be immersive enough.

I've read through the related threads on various sites about DIY treadmills, and I haven't been able to find any particularly final solutions, just people talking back and forth. I'd think that somebody out there would have figured out and posted online the best DIY solution, so let me know if you know of any great final DIY products.

The two main parts of the treadmill are the walking surface and the holding-your-waist support area. Do you know what the Omni uses for the walking surface? And is there a relatively easy way to duplicate that in a DIY solution.

Smooth plywood is a possible option, but i'll have to go to a hardware store and demo out some plywood to see if it's really up to the job. For the waist support system, i'm considering using bungee cords in a # formation, as seen online.
*****The important thing here is, somebody has probably already produced a truly finalized DIY solution, so we just need to find it


  • jgwinnerjgwinner Posts: 49
    Look at NALO - Natural Locomotion. It's fantastic.

    You don't even really need a treadmill, you basically walk in place. I've been using it with leg weights, and although it's not the same thing as running in an Omni should be, it's as good of exercise as walking around your neighborhood is.

    == John ==
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