They just announced 3,000 omnis shipped? But there were 3,800 kickstarter backers, shipped already?

From today's newsletter: ""3,000 Omnis Shipped - We are pleased to announce that we have shipped our three thousandth Omni! The Virtuix Omni is now featured in more than 500 commercial locations on five continents, making it the most widely distributed VR hardware in the world other than head-mounted displays.""

From an older newsletter: ""We continue to produce and ship Omni units at a steady pace. We have now reached Kickstarter backer number 3,200 on our order fulfilment list to start the Omni shipping process, out of a total of 3,800 Omni backers.""

Does that mean they've shipped 3,000 omnis since finishing the kickstarter fulfillment? Or something else?


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