What’s your favorite AAA game?

I use my Omni every day for cardio workouts. But I’m running out of games. So while we all wait for EVOL’s much anticipated Omni Unlocked software, I’m looking for suggestions for games with consistent movement. Here’s what I’ve played so far...

SKYRIM VR (beautiful, but I always found Skyrim kinda boring. Too much RGP, not enough action)

HALO (great but skip the nauseating warthog scenes)

HALF LIFE 2 (one of the best. Can’t wait for HLVR)

BIOSHOCK INFINITE (gorgeous and fun)


RESIDENT EVIL 7 (too disgusting for VR)

DOOM BFG (vr mod crashes too much)

BLACK MESA (currently broken on VorpX)

THE STANLEY PARABLE (good but short)

SERIOUS SAM GAMES (surprisingly, I found the Sam games boring. Is it just me?)

PORTAL 1 & 2 (great in VorpX, but non enough running)

FAR CRY SERIES (too much RPG to get a good workout)

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