The Per 10 Miles Update Club

Have you walked/sprinted at least over 10 miles in the Omni? Would you like to share your experience every time you run another 10 miles? Well, this thread is for you! Just post a pic of your Omni Tracking Data as proof (don't cheat, please), and you will be in the exclusive 10 miles club -- much better than the mile high club....

Seriously though, I just thought this would be fun and motivational :smiley:

Update: 1

About 2 miles came from Virtuix's games, while the rest came from Fallout 4 VR (thanks EVOL!). The experience, at times, is overwhelming. After cracking up the clarity, it's like seeing and walking through another world. I'll definitely hit 500 miles+ in this game alone. When Skyrim hit, add another 500 miles. Just wanted to log the progress of my journey here. Cheers everyone! Share if you can!


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    (A beautiful day in a post-apocalyptic world. Green thing is a Mirelurk; it came after me after I messed with its eggs :blush: -- Fallout 4 VR.)

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    I've had my Omni units for about 3 months but they haven't got much use this month due to the Holiday. I plan to put them to use logging many miles in Fallout and Skyrim as well.

    My units have seen more miles than this but this is what I've personally logged.

  • That's great: we'll be Fallout/Skyrim runners together! It's nice while walking in those worlds knowing other people are doing it too. If you want, you can include a pic of anything that is really memorable or special during your 10 miles run (and every subsequent 10 miles) and any thought you have about it. I'm on Rift, so I had to pressed the F12 key to take the screenshot (other method didn't work for me.) (I'm thinking about short vids, too.) In my case, that pic of the town was most memorable. It's a dump now, but I'll rebuild and make it beautiful again -- like it was before the bomb. Have to explore the world first, though -- it's massive! and it's my first play through, too.
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    Yeah I bought Fallout 4 Pancake but held out on playing for the VR version. So it's my first play through also. Yes it's quite large, awesome for physically walking/sprinting.
  • I walk about 150 miles per month (5-10 miles per session) in the Oculus Rift, but have never set foot on an Omni since I'm in pre-order limbo.
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    Sorry to hear that; hope everything works out for you.
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    Update 2: The 20 Miles Club!

    The journey continues! Finally hit the 20 miles mark! I'm traveling south before the main quest, and stumbled across this beauty -- it was a nightmare. I lost count of how many raiders I had to kill, but it was a blast as well. I did let the leader live -- felt sorry for her....

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    Update 3: The 30 Miles Club! (Member: 1)
    Greetings fellow Omni-enthusiast!
    It's been a tough road, but hitting the 30 miles mark feels great! My journey continues South, and it was quite a shocker -- the place was radiated beyond imagined. Don't let the photo fool you; it's was a herculean-task to physically walk through the place with my Geiger counter constantly beeping. Anyways, the exploring continues!

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    Nice thread-I shall join this club soon! Dealing with some health issues right now, but in a couple weeks when they are sorted I'll join in.

    I had some fantastic times on my omni in my last sessions tho. I freakin love cardio gaming. I played through The Wild Eternal and much of Windscape with vorpx (not the most ideal experiences in terms of vr gfx quality, but still very enjoyable). Just checked, and it turns out my last sessions total over 10 mi. So what the heck, I guess I'll join the club preliminarily ;).

    Happy trails. Maybe one day we can arrange to walk together in some multiplayer game-have the omni crew roaming the wastelands Walking Dead style B).
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    Cool! Welcome! We're a club of three members!!! Woot! Woot!! Woot!!!
    Thanks for sharing and have fun!
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    i'll be right behind you tuesday after skyrim drops
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