Rehabilitation ?

Hi everyone,

Im a Biomedical Engineering student and proposing to use Virtuix Omni for my rehabilitation project, using the Omni to train lower limb muscles with games for patients (esp. stroke patients).
However, my supervisor asked about the effectiveness of muscle training with the Omni. Because users in videos and showcases of the Omni seems to be walking with less effort than normal and a awkward gait.
I really want to persuade my supervisor and get the Omni for my project, since Omni already provide a good package and software for tracking, controlling and developing. But I need practical data, experiences or comments from users to persuade my supervisor, can anyone help me ?



  • Hello @Kolnit‌

    Thank you for posting and your interest in using the Omni in your project.

    Virtuix has offers from many universities and research groups which will be collecting the data you are looking for. We will have more information on this in the future.

    In meantime, I am curios what would be the most useful data for you? We will use that information when speaking with these universities and research groups.

    Thank you!

    OmniPlayerOne (Colton)
  • Thank you for your reply!

    For my understanding, the gait pattern while moving on the Omni will be useful as my reference.

    If possible, the data of muscle strength while walking on the frictionless platform would be excellent for analysis. Because I can't prove the effectiveness of training lower limb muscle without the Omni itself.

  • Hello, we are also very interested in the use of Virtuix for rehabilitation ( especially in the chronic phase and as a kind of rehab for pleasure. Are there already plans for rehab games, such as bal games etc...
  • I'm using the Omni for personal rehabilitation for Myasthenia Gravis and Functional Neurological disorder - it works wonders!!!
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