Fantastic tech support

I'm giving a shout out to Omni's tech/customer support.

I had a warranty issue with one of the parts, and they shipped out a new one right away, no questions asked.

I really appreciate a company that stands by it's product.

Thank you to Chris and Kurt, and anyone else that helped.

This really is a solid, well engineered product.

== John ==


  • adminadmin Posts: 169
    Thanks John! Let us know how else we can help.
  • jgwinnerjgwinner Posts: 49
    The new keyboard stand works perfectly! One slight suggestion - there's a new nut (ring) in the larger shaft on one of the threads that's not mentioned in the manual. I put it on the bottom, toward the base. Might need to mention it if you reprint the manual at any time.

    == John ==
  • flamaestflamaest Posts: 111
    My gut tells me most of the home users are not even using their OMNI's. Mine was in the box for 6 months. By the time you set it all up and notice something does not work, you will be SOL since the warranty is only one year. Good job Virtuix, you got my money while I waited for a REAL community to sprout up based on the CLAIMED "thousands" of kick-starter OMNIs to have shipped, now to have this $800 paperweight. It's the same 10 dudes all over these DEAD forums.

    I am certain Virtuix has told their staff to not post here anymore and focus on commercial owners while our systems rot away.

    I also think there is another Virtuix forum somewhere which we do not see for the commercial owners, and I bet you they (and Virtuix) are helping each other out. Disgusting.
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