HOW TO: Play any VR Game With Full Locomotion on Omni! Arizona Sunshine Verified



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    I confirmed. See the other thread...

    It has a discord link as well.
  • Whenever I install the modified drivers it causes SteamVR to not load, saying a critical component is missing, or something like that. Has anybody else had this issue?
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    Anybody getting the overshoes? Seems like a better approach than the original shoes.
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    Yea, I'm thinking about the overshoes as well. I do wonder if some shoes will spill over and potentially scratch the bowl...
  • flamaestflamaest Posts: 111
    Looks promising...
  • flamaestflamaest Posts: 111
    Sorry about the unrelated post, but I am selling my size 12 shoes, which I have actually never used in our brand new in the box. Paid 120 for them. Make me an offer. Virtuix is not allowing me to exchange or return them.
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    I'll post a quick review when it arrive. It's a simple thing, but could make a big difference with comfort. Even with aftermarket insoles, my limit is around 1 hour before the tip of my feet begin to feel sore. These should help with that. Woot! Woot! Longer play session! :) But really, $100+ Really? :(
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    Anyone got an update on how to get this OpenVR input emulator working?

    I can get freepie and it picking up all the items. However in the VR input menu. It does not vibrate the controllers and clicking apply or input remapping crashes the VR input menu and you cannot get to it without reopening steamvr.
    So essentially, cannot do anything.

    Removing the fake sixense dll's it works. :(

    Any help appreciated.
    I have tried latest version of openvr input emulator (1.3) but has issues with the replaced DLL's. and steamvr gives an error.
    Spend a few hours trying to make this work now.
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    I think I know why there's not a lot of good post on these forums. It would appear that if you post anything of any substance, perhaps even with an image, your post will go into approval limbo and I am not seeing where anyone is actually approving post anymore.
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    Did you include certain "bad" words? It may have gotten flagged because of that.
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    I doubt so, I was simply posting a positive review about the new over shoes. Then, bam.... I notice about the message being sent to approval.... We'll see if it ever post. If you want the text Ask me and I will email it to you. It's nothing crazy.
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    Thanks, but mine is coming in tomorrow, and I would prefer to test it myself first before seeing any review just to remain as unbiased as possible.
  • Sponge101Sponge101 Posts: 477
    @flamaest Just finished testing it, but since you posted a review first but it got reviewed would you like to post a new one? I'll post mine after yours, only fair.
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    Odd, I've never noticed them blocking negative posts. There is plenty of negativity in these forums.
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    edited May 2018
    Thanks for saving the actual experience for me. Here's a simple pros and cons:

    + Longer play session than OG shoes! I've used them for up to an hour and didn't experience the toe-numbing feeling I usually got. I feel I can play for hours now.
    + Feels more natural than the the OG while moving. I prefer the flat feeling from the bottom of these than the hard green things on the OG.
    + Using your own preferred shoes is a huge plus.
    + Well-made for the most part, with one issue (will mention in the con).

    - Weight! Each OG is ~310 grams (with sensor), and the overshoe is 270g (with sensor) alone; with my shoe in it, it goes up to 820g! (your shoe will vary the weight). That's a 3X increase in
    !; you're gonna feel it right away. I adjusted, eventually, though.
    - After one play session, some of the coating on the bottom top of the shoes started to peel off. Not sure if this is normal or not -- pics below.
    - The bottom of the overshoes extend about an inch where your shoes end and that means while you're running/walking you now have a little less space to stride before hitting the base of the
    Omni arms.
    - Increased fatigue: not sure if it's the overshoes weight or I'm using more muscle vs the OG (bottom green things) but I'm expending more energy.

    Overall, I'm happy with these and will continue to use them over the OG. I haven't broke them in sufficiently yet so no telling how long they will hold-up over time; after 40+ miles, the OG is still looking good. Assuming the peeling on the bottom is normal, I would recommend these to hardcore Omni users who can adjust to the weight and the other cons.

  • Sponge101Sponge101 Posts: 477
    Looks like it got taken down again. I didn't see anything worth flagging, though.
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    Let me try it again and see if it sticks.

    I just got my overshoes in the mail. They are very interesting. I am a size 11.5, and purchase the large size, this appears to be the right size for me.

    These overshoe's perimeter is very stretchy, and I see how they are able to account for such large size variances. I understand why these shoes cost so much, you can tell that this is a very unique design which is probably not being mass-produced. If you turn the shoes over, you will see that they were individually machined down from a solid block of slippery material.

    All this being said, the bottom of the shoes are quite interesting, they are much different than the complete shoes that are sold for the Omni. I am sure these have been beta-tested to death. The one thing I would note is that the amount of surface material left over after the machining seems to be sort of a skeletal structure, and I wonder how that will last in terms of many hours of playtime. I wonder if the skeletal contact points are structurally strong enough to stand the test of time. Looking at the design carefully, one would think that they might crack easier than simply having solid slippery flat structures of material on the bottom, like the shoes. I am sure they were tested thoroughly.

    Small note, just like the original shoes, I highly advise against walking around in these overshoes when not playing on the Omni. it is evident that any particle or debris that is on the floor or carpet could damage the slippery material and if not cleaned thoroughly, you could scratch your Omni deck because of it.

    Hopefully someone will beat me to the punch, and actually use these overshoes on their Omni and tell us what their experience is. I have not done this yet. Overall however, I definitely like this design better than using their actual shoes. I know that my shoes are more comfortable than anything that virtuix could design, so I am glad that they came out with these overshoes.

    Enjoy some pictures I have taken.
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    Fallout 4 VR crashes as of the last update with input emulator beta. Really unfortunate. Anyone got their Omni working with the latest update?
  • Sponge101Sponge101 Posts: 477
    @EVOL By any chance is Fallout VR still working for you? Wanted to confirm if it's just me.
  • Sponge101Sponge101 Posts: 477
    Whew! That was nerve wrecking! Luckily the exe swap worked and Fallout 4 is working again. Thank GODDDD! I backed up the game literally the day before the 1.2 update hit.
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    Thanks again, EVOL, for making this method. Only by using the keyboard mode for Skyrim does one appreciate how much better EVOL's method feels. It's more responsive, accurate, and analog speed is so much better!
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    @flamaest Not sure, but the question then becomes how can we use this with the Omni to make compatibility better? No idea. I'll try playing with it, though.
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    Does grand theft auto 5 work?
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    Seems this thread has gone offtopic but has anyone solved the "A key component of SteamVR isn't working properly" Error Code 301
    As Shadoxity mentioned, by removing fake sixense it is able to run but without the modification its useless.
  • Is there anything out there yet that will give me something good to do with this monster machine just taking up space in my house? I guess I might have been too optimistic, but I'm tired of not being able to use this thing. If I don't find a good reason to keep it soon, I'll be selling it.
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    @dima202 I also got that error with EVOL's method - I guess something in the hack got broken by a SteamVR update.
    @gleamingsands the OpenOmni initiative by @Skaarah and supported by the community sounds very promising. SkyrimVR with the Omni is reason enough to keep it IMO, just like Wipeout Omega Collection is enough reason to own a PSVR! You might like to try The Forest - that supports simultaneous keyboard input and motion controls.
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