Am I just screwed?

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I recently got a Virtual Omni secondhand, not realizing that I couldn't install Omniverse, and have been trying to figure out what can even work with it. So far I've got Minecraft, Skyrim (which has motion issues), and other games with WASD input (a rarity). Is there any way to get normal VR games to work, or am I just screwed? I tried a tutorial that involved OpenVR input emulator and Razer Hydra drivers but when I install the modded drivers it causes SteamVR to not boot up! Can anybody help?


  • O_o how did you get Minecraft to work? (also VR Chat works)
  • jgwinnerjgwinner Posts: 41
    Karnage should be working fairly soon. I'm helping them (they don't own an Omni) to adapt their software.

    Other than that, pretty much screwed. Mine's collecting dust. Trackpad motion is weird.

    However, you could buy Natural Locomotion, ignore the Omni foot pods, and buy a couple of Vive trackers.

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