La There a legal way to make them complete their commercial commitment after 4 years of waiting?

I have four years waiting for mi Omni unit, and now, everytime I try and contact them to check the status of my order they reply with the "we can refund you" treat (it feels like that).

After we supported the company in their launch and believed in their proyect, their cold response is of intrinsic desdein for the customer, if you guys look at their constant promotional notes, they keep fulfilling orders for companies before us, the ones that paid in full for our units, not months but YEARS before them.

It's just seems extremely unfair and bias towards a commercialism favoring (now that they have build a name based on our trust) big companies or companies that buy in bulk with the purpose of reselling.

Any advice on how to proceed? we have waited years and we deserve a fair consideration I every way (legal, personal and as buyers).


  • i don't know but like you i ordered in 2014 pre-order 2428 and still haven't received my order. and at this point i will never accept a refund. if you find out about any legal or non legal way to get them to ship our orders im in. i was thinking about contacting a lawyer about a class action suit. at first i could understand that they were shipping commercial orders with pre-orders, but now it seems like they are going to try to just wait out the pre-order people and screw us over like they did the backers.
  • adalosadalos Posts: 17
    The problem with a lawsuit is they can just refund your money and be done with it. I get the same "we can refund you" response every time I email them for an update. This is obviously their strategic plan since it is much more cost effective for them to give us back our money than have to ship us a unit that they can sell to arcades for significantly more money. The only potential case to be made is that they used the money from early backers to basically stand up their company to put themselves into position to sell wholesale. It would be like me starting a real estate investment company where I'm offering early buy-ins for cheap, new construction beach view condos. A bunch of people pay cash up front for these as yet to be built condos, then the company takes that money and instead builds and sells those units to foreign purchasers at 3x the cost, and then offers to just refund the initial investment by the original backers. I'm not a lawyer by any means, but this seems like a pretty basic case of fraud.
  • I live in Colorado and would love to sell mine. If anyone is interested message me direct. No upcharge. But, if I were you guys I would just take the refund from Omni.
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