Treadmill with dynamic programmable resistance

Hi, if the treadmills used balls with programmable brakes we could get dynamic resistance. if the ball bearings could have a "dynamic resistence" -Making it easier to turn around and simulating soil texture/uphill/downhill movement.

One could make the oculus rift pluggable into the belt and get a cable from the round platform to the pc to get rid of the cable problem

I added a draft

You could also built in oculus sensors in the plattform, then you only have one thing standing around. The Sensors can track body movement which could also be used to detect when the player wants to slow down or spin around to adjust the dynamic resistance on the ball bearings.


  • WilfmanWilfman Posts: 21
    Just get a tpcast with a spare battery and a charger close to your frame, to take your rift connector out of the build. Have you checked out cybershoes for movement in-game? I'm backing them. will post comments on how they pan out when i get them March/April 2019.... I hope
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