Support not returning my emails

XainXain Posts: 128
Since support is not returning my emails I am going to post here.
Every single day, until I get a response that isn't "We're working on it."

Dear Virtuix

I would like an explanation on why after almost five years after I preordered this product I have yet to receive it let alone a time table, moreover to add further insult to injury every month I am bombarded with newsletters that discuss how multiple VR Arcades are receiving Omni's while I have yet to receive mine. In three months time it will have been five years since I ordered my Omni yet unlike the Kickstarter Omni shipments the preorders do not enjoy the same level of transparency.

There are no updates just a vague, 'We are working on it." which is only given when I try to contact the Virtuix support. How many Omnis a month are being delivered to preorders? How much of a backlog is there? Where do I stand in this backlog? If we go by my preorder number alone then that would be in the 2000's yet I see NO ONE on the forums stating that they have received theirs.

Please stop lying about preorders and deliver them. The way this company is acting I can only assume that Virtuix in fact does not want to honor any preorders and instead wish to refund all preorders so you can sell exclusively to arcades at exorbitant prices. In three months time when it reaches five years I will look through any and all legal avenues I can pursue to force you to honor my preorder.

- Xain


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