Disclamer: This will only work with HTC vive/vive pro and HTC trackers.

Arizona Sunshine is used for example, substitute the title with any other game with direct tracking.

Download and install Natural Locomotion

Make sure steam is turned off, right click on natural locomotion and select properties, go to betas tab, and select 'beta' mode.(feet trackers are only supported in beta)

Strap htc trackers to your ankles using multiple available straps on ebay, and turn on the trackers(pair them, if needed)

Start SteamVR, start Natural locomotion, select Arizona Sunshine profile, go into settings and disable "Filter Room Scale locomotion" option.

Press 'Run Game', make suggested settings changes(suggested by Natural Locomotion i.e. head tracking on, direct locomotion on etc)

Enjoy your treadmill with any game that supports direct locomotion!!

Fallout, Arizona Sunshine, Gunheart, A-tech cybernetic, and many more games can now be enjoyed on your Virtuix Omni


  • If Natural Locomotion and the HTC trackers are providing your means of movement, you don't necessarily need a Virtuix Omni. Any ODT would work, or some substitute you hacked together - a slippery surface with something to keep you from falling off it.
  • jgwinnerjgwinner Posts: 49
    While that is true, it helps the fact that the Omni has no compatible games and no tracking software.

    That is ... if you were a kickstarter.

    You see, all the games they brag about ONLY work if you are a commercial operator.

    There are a couple of games, but they have bugs. Trackpad movement really isn't that good.

    NaLo would make games that the Omni doesn't support, namely nearly all of them, actually work, although you oddly have to ignore the Omni's built in foot pods.

    Natural Locomotion is somewhat brilliant, in that it makes the game think you are just walking as you would in room scale VR. That's all it does, and it makes any game that has room scale VR work pretty much "out of the box".

    It would be great if Omni would do that!

    == John ==
  • can the omni just play the game in AWSD keyboard inputs ? shouldn't this work for most games that are not VR? how about rotation too? Trying to get it to work with Red Dead Redemption II
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