Does anyone know what's the hold up know??'i pre-ordered/ prepaid July of last year, so a year as of



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    Jennifer, I think your best bet is to email [email protected] The boards are no longer monitored. Essentially you have to bug the support crew. And then it'll probably be 3-6 weeks. And then you'll realize that all of the things they promised they reneged on, and you'll likely find yourself in support hell like the rest of us. We're hacking together whatever we can to get it to work with modern games, and hopefully you have a Vive and not a Rift or you'll find yourself having to track firmware changes to make sure the one game that rift supports doesn't get hosed.

    If you're a dev though, you're in great shape! You can easily use the SDK in unity. :)
  • Woow, I ordered mine in 2014 and I still don't receive mine, but keep reading how they deliver to stores and companies who promote the omni as a commercial business.

    It's not fair how are we being treated once we supported the launch of this company by putting our faith, time, patience and money to end up being punched by a response letting us know we can receive a refund after a 4 year waiting period.

    Is there a legal way to do something about this?
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    If you do you probably want to get a few of us in on it. Even if you get the product it’s not what was promised. It won’t work well with oculus as they dropped support. Omniverse isn’t available for us. Third parties don’t develop for it outside of omniverse. And it doesn’t fold down under your furniture or anything as they originally showed

  • Well one of you can have mine. By the time it finally came I can't use it.
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