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On the recently tweeted videos we see the Omni in action without a game dubbed over it, and it seems LOUD. I know it's a prototype, but I'm curious if there is any intention to try to lessen this in the finished product, or if perhaps the video itself makes it seem louder than it is. I want desperately to pledge enough on kickstarter to acquire one of these but if they're as noisy as they seem in the video my wife will totally veto that budget item.


  • SuprM4nSuprM4n Posts: 81
    Yes, I'm wondering about that as well. I remember Jan saying something along the lines of it simply being the video that makes it sound that loud. However, something to compare it to would be nice (decibel levels or "it's about as loud as a...").
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    There is another video that came out at the same time as the one above, with a more technical look at the Virtuix. In that video when Jan walks/sprints it hardly makes any noise at all. That said, I'd like to know how loud it is too but it probably won't stop me from buying one. Now this guy on the Rift forum saying he's build one for less then 100$, that's intringing!
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    Yes, the sound of that video is terrible. The Omni is not loud. I have demo'd it many times in an apartment setting throughout the night, no problem. It's comparable to a regular treadmill, probably slightly louder.
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    A good point. I dont want to use headphones to overcome this problem.
    I more want to insulate my room from outer noises coming from street.
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