Will you be able to Aim Down Sight?

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Every video I watched with the omni running a FPS all I saw was hip fire shooting. I am wondering how aiming down sights will work/look.


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    @cavedweller88, welcome to the forum.

    Hip firing in most games is due to the fact that aiming is not fully decoupled. The only game that supports fully decoupled aiming (through a mod) is Half-Life 2. Jan demonstrated this in one of his videos:

    Games will need to support decoupled aiming and input from a tracker like the Razer Hydra (Sixense wireless tracker) or the upcoming Delta Six gun (https://www.thedeltasix.com/).

    EDIT: Just watched this video again and realised the calibration is off and Jan is still shooting from the hip, even though the sights in game are at eye level. You can calibrate so that aiming down sights is possible at eye level. Check out youtube videos of the Oculus demo Crashland. Shooting grenades with the left gun requires you to aim down sight.
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