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1. Is the Omni quickly adjustable for different players of different heights? Whats the minimum height a person can be to play?
2. What gun is used in the Omni used? can I order the same from you?
3. Is the wire from the Oculus distracting while playing? What can be done to prevent any incidents?
4. Can the Oculus Dev kit2 operate the same as the Dev Kit1 without the camera? Or does it need the camera for all movement tracking?
5. Do you ship to Kuwait and how much would that cost?

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    Hi anasmak11, welcome to the forum!

    1) Yes, the Omni will be quicker to adjust than the prototypes. Minimum height is 4'8".
    2) We've been using a Cabela Top Shot Elite. Virtuix do not supply this. Please note the gun does not have tracking, but there will be controllers that have 360 degree tracking available around the time the Omni launches - e.g. Sixense STEM.
    3) The cable can be suspended above the player using a mic boom stand (not included). It's not very distracting, but HMDs will eventually be wireless. In the meantime it may be possible to modify an HMD to remove the long cable, but this would require an external battery and HDMI transmitter. You would need to find an online guide on how to do this.
    4) Yes it can, in fact Oculus have said the camera-less tracking is improved over the DK1.
    5) For details on shipping to your area, please contact the team: <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -->

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  • Thank you for the quick reply.
    Do games like Call of Duty and Battlefield support head tracking and Gun tracking to be separate?
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    hello . I'm interested in PC System Requirements.
    Thank you
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    Hello @kosta. For the Omni, currently Windows OS and a USB port. You'll be able to connect to a mobile HMD using Bluetooth. In terms of GPU and CPU for rendering at high frame rates, it will vary. Open world games will be more demanding, but there will be plenty of titles designed for VR that keep requirements down by limiting the amount of geometry to be rendered - by making the setting a dungeon, space station or other interior location for instance. It's generally recommended that you don't invest in new PC hardware until you've acquired both the Omni and your chosen HMD - as the longer you wait the better the deal you can get on newer components.
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  • Yes indeed - the Omni will not be the determining factor for your PC requirements. The head mounted display, the level of realism, and the tech demanded by the game will be what you need to consider. And with all the exciting HD games coming down the path, I would expect to see similar experiences popping up in VR within a year.
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