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    Sweet new video released as part of update #21! Check it out:

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    edited April 2014
    Awesome trailer. Can barely wait for August.

    Looks atmospheric which is great. Also looks a bit scary... :smile:
  • Looks awesome! But the gun looks like it's stuck to the players head, so I take that there is no independent gun tracking in TRAVR?
  • NobleBrutusNobleBrutus Posts: 143
    @Shadow-Link‌ I assumed that the trailer would be made at least without gun tracking. After all TraVR is primarily designed to show off the Omni. I think we still have a good chance of getting that option in the final game at release. It would instantly be one of the top games to play for rift and stem owners and promote the Omni across the whole VR market. I believe it is in Virtuix's interest to support as many different peripherals in TraVR as possible; the most obvious at release being the Rift and Stem, then PrioVR and delta Six. Hoping for more word on that soon! ;)
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