How do I prone/crouch?

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It does look like crouching would be kind of.. uncomfortable... and while playing for example Battlefield, how does one prone?


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    Hi Jadda, right now you cannot kneel or go prone with the Omni; they had to opt for safety and affordability first. While that situation might always change in the future, for now we can activate these postures with button presses.
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  • Hello. I would think that, although crouching down completely is obviously impossible in the Omni due to the waist restrictions, a similar real world action might be able to correspond to crouching. With full positional tracking with STEM, crouching as a single command might not be needed at all. Simply bending one's knees slightly and bending over would be both similar enough to crouching to substitute for it in game, and be possible in the Omni. Perhaps, for now, it is better for a pose like the one I've described to actually be mapped to a key command for in-game crouching, since simply bending (assuming 1:1 using STEM) might not be enough to fulfill the normal functions of crouching in-game (such as hiding in a(n) FPS). Even so, that pose would be similar enough to actual crouching so that it won't ruin the immersion of using an in-game command. Unfortunately, actions like sitting on the ground (which would be a great feature for a(n) FPS) and standing on one's knees will remain impossible for a while.
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    Jan demonstrated crouching in the demos. you just lean over the rail. you cannot go prone yet, but I'm pretty sure Jan will add it in as sort of a mix between sitting and crouching. I keep telling people; "WORK IN PROGRESS". If something isn't perfected yet, don't expect perfection. Just go with the flow. maybe the newer versions of the Omni will have motion censers you put on your arms, so if you were to simulate movement in "Prone", then it would do so in game. My advise is; "Chill, guys. You'll get it soon". It's already the coolest thing since free food, and it's not even done yet, so just wait. It might surprise you.
  • Prone will be very hard... Plus, the mechanical pieces needed may dictate the cost to be out of most people's reach.
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