SightLine on Indiegogo - Confirmed Omni Support

SightLine is a truly innovative game idea for virtual reality based on the quantum ideas of how things work when unobserved but applied to a macro scale.

A flying spike is catapulting towards your face! How do you survive? Look away, look back and now maybe it's a fluffy toy? Who knows?

The alpha demo came 3rd in Oculus' VRjam competition and is available to download.

What's more is it is touting that it will work with the Omni....

The project is asking for $15k, I think from it's demo it deserves it!


  • Great suggestion @NobleBrutus‌ - I'll reach out to the team that built Sight Line and hopefully will have some more to share about the project!
  • FrooxiusFrooxius Posts: 1
    I'm the author of SightLine. Thanks for posting this here!

    I definitely want to support Omni natively and allow players to naturally walk around in the worlds. There are situations in the full game where you have to keep your eye (literally) on certain object, while walking somewhere else and decoupled walking and looking is going to make it feel much more natural and fun than with keyboard/gamepad/joystick/mouse. :)

    Sadly it looks like our IndieGogo is going to fail for several reasons (we started too early and a lot of people don't seem to trust IndieGogo especially after HealBe), but there's now possibility to relaunch on KickStarter, so we'll be putting SightLine there.

    If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer!
  • NobleBrutusNobleBrutus Posts: 143
    Yes, a relaunch on kickstarter is the way to go I think.
    I don't know how feasible it would be for you but adding STEM support to SightLine would be fantastic, I've heard their SDK is pretty comprehensive.
    Good luck.
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