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Is there any chance we might have an update on the Omni Rack? We don't even have a 3D render of it or any concrete details. All we have is a drawing

It's supposed to be able to hold the Occulus Rift box as well as a keyboard and mouse. The proportions shown on there look to be way too limited though - it doesn't look wide enough to do all of the above, and it doesn't look like you could comfortably use a mouse in it.

Are there any additional details about it and it's intended use?


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    Hi Quirken, yes that's a very early drawing. I believe the Rack is still in development, as they want to ensure the design is optimized for the latest devices. It's stated as being intended to hold your keyboard and mouse, Rift control box, Rift or other HMD, and the Razer Hydra base station or other controllers. I'm afraid I don't know the exact dimensions or if it will be able to hold all these things at once. I would guess most people will use the STEM instead of the Hydra once it has released, and that has a big enough range for the base to go elsewhere. It looks like the control box would sit in a depression which means the keyboard could rest on top of it. There should be plenty of room then for a mouse on the right (if you're right handed). If the mouse is also set in a depression you could place the rift over it (when getting in and out for instance). Also the STEM controllers can stand, so they don't take up much surface area. Hopefully we'll get some more details soon!
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    It's been about 3 months since my post, and there's still no news on the Omni Rack. No firm product specs or even a render of the final product.

    Can we please have an update? You're supposed to be shipping to kickstarter backers in just over a month... seems high time you show what the omni rack looks like...
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    Hi @Quirken, an update is being prepared right now, I hear. I can't say whether or not the Omni Rack will be featured in it, however. Yes, we shouldn't have much longer to wait - very exciting!
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  • @quirken‌ we will indeed be sending out a backer update in the next couple of days.
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    Design discussions for the Omni Rack are still in progress - if you have any suggestions/concerns please feel free to let us know! The dimensions in that picture are smaller than what we are planning - we do intend to leave enough space for mouse, keyboard, controller, HMD, cup holder, and other accessories/peripherals such as the STEM. The rack will be ready to ship with the Omni, but as it is still in progress right now we welcome any ideas!
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    The main thing that I'd like to see on it is for it to rotate with the player / support ring. This would let people play mouse+keyboard with the omni, and could also help reduce the amount of tangling.
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    @quirken‌ having the rack move with the player is something that has come up in our discussions, and it would indeed improve the experience for mouse and keyboard games. One issue we might see with a rotating rack is that any cabled items on the rack may wrap around the Omni after one full circle and unplug themselves. The addition of the moving parts also increases the complexity and may limit other features such as the size and weight capacity.
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    @Mjo: There are a few workaround for this. #1, use wireless keyboard/mouse. #2, implement a one-port USB connector in the base of the Omni, and have a USB hub in the rack. Cables would end up connected to the rack itself, rather than trailing off and attached to something else.

    The wireless keyboard/mouse sounds a lot more practical, though :)

    (Also, this post serves as a bump saying, "I'm still waiting for SOME news on this...")
  • So, a render has been released... I'm still not seeing how this thing is big enough to support a keyboard and mouse. It looks like there's maybe a square foot of space for BOTH devices...

    Can anyone from Virtuix comment on the size, or will we have to wait for CES for a better idea of what the Omni Rack really is?
  • CES is here and I haven't seen anything new about the Omni Rack. No real-life photos or "hard" technical details. Has a prototype not actually been produced to show off?
  • @quirken‌ - we are busily working out the production ready designs for both the rack and boom Omni accessories. We did not show off the rack at CES. Hope to have more for you soon.
  • Can you post some Picture of the racks prototype, i would Order it, but theyre no Details from the rack
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    Here you go @floh523!
    I highly recommend ordering the rack. I had some excellent people at the booth to hand me water, game controllers etc, but the rack accessory will make everyone's life a lot easier, so well worth the $79 IMO.
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  • not sure what I would use the rack for, surely you would walk into the omni with the controller in your hand, when would you take the controller off, I guess I'm missing something?
  • The tray area on the rack would be a location where you would be able to set your gamepad while not in use. The slots in the front would hold your gun controllers, while not in use. There is even a place for your headphones.

    Makes all these accessories more readily accessible from the Omni without having to get out.
  • The new design does look pretty cool, and I will most likely be getting one, but I can't see how you can fit a keyboard and mouse on there without it being a bit awkward. It doesn't seem like there's any good spot for a mouse to do anything with a keyboard on there. Oh well, the main input will be a controller, so it's not that big of an issue.
  • Can this be used for keyboard and mouse gaming on the omni? Looks like you'd have to be leaning way over to get to them, since we haven't seen any pictures showing how this attaches to the unit. Price is going up tomorrow, taking everything out of my price range, so fast answer if you want my $580. Thanks.
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    @jmscwss Keyboard and mouse aren't the best input devices for VR, but having them nearby will be useful for launching applications from the Omni. I don't know exactly how much you will have to lean over to use them, but it's probably better if it's not in a position where contents could be easily knocked off. You could always add the rack afterwards if you're still undecided - it's only the main Omni package affected by tomorrow's price change to my knowledge.
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