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I was wondering if any viable, upper support structures have been submitted to Jan yet? If not, I believe that I have a design that could allow the users to fully crouch, go prone and sprint while still safely supported from falling flat on their oculus rifts. I understand that Jan wants as little moving parts as possible, but I'm curious as to how strict he is with that rule in conjunction with allowing the users to perform all of these actions safely.


  • I believe it is not so much as little moving parts as possible but more of a cost situation. If your idea is feasible and can still remain at a low cost then it would most certainly be considered I am sure.
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    As far as I'm aware Coasterpro has been the only one to submit some on this forum so far. You can find his designs here:

    I'm currently working on a overhead support as well. Have come up with a structure that allows 6 degrees of freedom while still providing vertical and lateral support, and only uses 3 moving parts.

    But to be honest I have no idea how it will perform in real life, let alone in combination with the Omni base. So I will start working on a prototype for myself, and who knows maybe someday it will turn into a viable commercial product.

    Although my design allows a full crouch, it does not allow you to go prone. I'm very curious how you manage this while still providing safety for the user.
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    You can't believe how bad I want to describe it to you. Unfortunately, I've been taught that "if you're good at doing something, don't do it for free." I feel like the know-it-all who raises his hand, but the teacher doesn't pick them because they know I have the answer and want to challenge the other students. As bad as I want this product to be consumer ready (not only because I'm a hardcore gamer, but I've already designed some VR emersion controls that I want to patent), I don't see why Coasterpro would give them his ideas if he could patent them as an aftermarket product. If they are used in the final product, what does he get out of this. I see this company becoming very big once they are consumer ready. If you have a hand in the engineering of the final product, I would expect something other than the opportunity to purchase one.

    However I will say that his support beam in "V4" is very similar to what I use in my design, which is also an overhead type. The only major difference is that I would either use a cylinder style beam or face the thinner side of the beam towards the Omni. Doing that would support more bodyweight if the user was to collapse, or one of their legs went out after jumping. His design is begging to be snapped where the harness is connect to the beam.
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    @Destin, fully understand where you're coming from. Not planning on showing my design either before it's a working prototype, and I have some form of patent application on my idea.

    Coasterpro has gone quiet since posting his V6 so it could well be that he came up with a brilliant V7 he is keeping to himself. :)

    It's good to know you are heading in the direction of V4, that means my idea is still unique because I am going in a completely different direction. What I have in mind is very different from what I have seen from others so far. It is a relatively simple design so if anyone else posts something similar, I will share what I have made so far. Right now it's down to a scale model and a 3D CAD design.

    Although I'll first want to try out the fall limiter idea I described in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=225&start=20.

    If something as simple as that can work all these more complicated ideas are only interesting if they can provide significant additional features.
  • I would put in patent, but licence it off to omni, all vr has had is a lot of support, but no actual product has been released yet to the community (unless you think of kinect)

    also, why bother making designs, if no intention of passing them on? why try to kill the project with your own legal implications before it's even off the ground? if you want this product to succeed, sharing is caring ;) those legal details, can be worked out along the way.
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    @stevenazari, welcome to the forum.

    Patents costs thousands of dollars, the biggest mistake many 'inventors' make is patenting too fast. As long as your design is not finalized it becomes trickier to apply for a patent. Especially considering the design might change during the prototype phase, and this will have to be updated in the patent application. The Omni for example did not apply for patents until very late (I believe right before the Kickstarter campaign).

    Have every intention of sharing my design, but not until I have been able to fully develop the idea. If this was something I needed other peoples help with I might choose a different route. Unfortunately working out legal details along the way is just not a solid plan. Just look at the market for racing/flying simulator cockpits. Every good (non patented) idea was ripped off by a Chinese manufacturer within a year.

    Believe me I'm not killing of the product before it get's off the ground. On the contrary I am planning to complete a fully working prototype by January 2014 (when the Omni is set to ship).
  • well i kinda thought of something i dont know if it will help or not, but is it possible to make the ring that supports the person .... wider? also is it possible to add additional omni pillars? pardon my sillyness and my grammar
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    Hi Kurai, thanks for signing up to the forums. I've heard back from the team, and it seems there are no plans to make any changes to the ring or number of pillars at this time. Please note the final version will be made of very robust materials and the harness comes in different sizes so it will be able to accommodate most users.
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    I am a new member here and I am not sure if this topic is still alive. If I was a player with Omni, I would want to turn freely and crouch and stand up freely. So I make a change to Design 4 to achieve this. Player wears a loose belt which enables him to turn freely. The belt is attached to four poles with buckles that can move up and down freely.
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    @Zhao - Welcome to the forum! Nice design, it looks a lot like the new support Virtuix are experimenting with.

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    @sutekiB, the new support looks much better, much more fun! cannot wait to try it!
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    @sutekiB, in the new design, the belt that the player wears is attached to four poles. Four poles might be not necessary. Do you think three poles are sufficient? And using three poles can cut down cost.
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    @Zhao, yes you may be right. I'm not an engineer, so I can't say, but they would seem to also make convenient mounting points for depth sensing cameras. I'm given to understand you'd only need three cameras to track and render your entire body in 3D.
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