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I know the Omni is mostly marketed towards the VR community, but I see plenty of potential for it among third-person MMORPG (ex. GW2 & Wildstar) players who would like to exercise while they play. I understand that movements on the Omni can be interpreted by the PC as keystrokes. But without an idea of what the software will be like, I'm not sure if my idea of how this could be used for MMO movement is accurate/possible. Am I correct in thinking the Omni could be configured to the following schematic?

Omni Action - Keystroke "game action"
1) Run Forward - W "move forward"
2) Run Left/Right - Q/E "strafe left/right"
3) Run Backwards - S "move backward"
4) Jump - Spacebar "jump"

I have a feeling the above is probably a given, but what about these other actions that are available in modern MMO's?

Omni Action - Keystroke "game action"
1) Run Diagonal Left - W+Q (hold both) "strafe diagonally left"
2) Run Diagonal Right - W+E (hold both) "strafe diagonally right"
3) Walk Forward/Left/Back/Right - Z (tap) + W/Q/S/E (hold) "walk forward/left/back/right"
4) Run FAST - Shift+W "sprint"
5) Jump Left/Right - Q+Q/E+E (double tap) "dodge left/right"
6) Jump Forward/Backwards - W+W/S+S (double tap) "dodge forward/back"
*I know those last two are a long shot*

So do I have the right idea for how the Omni could work for movement in an MMO? As for the rest of the MMO controls (skill bar hotkeys, camera and UI controls) I'm hoping the STEM can handle. If not, then I'll get the Omni tray and just use mouse & keyboard.


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    Hi Schizandra,

    The first four are indeed possible, I can't see why diagonal strafing shouldn't be possible but I can't remember @Dev_Guy_Robert‌ or another dev ever mentioning it - dev clarification please.

    Jumping currently is only spacebar (or w+Space or whatever you set it to) and can't distinguish jump direction. I believe we discussed this earlier and I'm wondering if @Dev_Guy_Robert‌ could confirm if the Omni could use the previous running direction to determine which keys to press for a jump? ie if I'm running forwards then jump it should be w+space, standing still then jump then just space etc etc.

    The last two would have to be done by the STEM though I think and could be accomplished by a lean to the left or right.
  • The Omni will have a utility which you may map the output to the various control schemas within legacy games. We are in the process of tweaking the tech that enables jumping. Should have more on how that will operate soon. We are also looking into the combo key approach to diagonal translation within the game. More to come...
  • Thanks for the replies! It's sounding hopeful. :) I'm looking forward to hearing more about this. I linked this discussion on Reddit, hopefully some other MMORPG players can give their 2c on this too.
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    With regards to the forward/backward jump, that is definitely something we are looking into. It is clearly an interaction that would be needed in many games, the question is what physical action on the Omni is needed to trigger it? For those of you who play games with a forward/backward jump necessity, would you be more likely to jump with both feet coming up and landing simultaneously in the middle of running, or more of a leap where you push off with the back foot and land with the front foot? The 'leaping' approach could bring the possibility of triggering accidental jumps during a hard sprint (ie. you are running so fast that both feet leave the ground) would accident sprinting jumps affect your experience in these types of games? Thanks for keeping this conversation going, feedback and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated!
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    I would say the key to jump detection is foot height and not synchronous lifting and landing. In practice I'm not sure that people will jump very high that way on the Omni, making it difficult to distinguish between jumping and walking/running, as you pointed out @MJo. Here's how I would do it - depending on how far above the platform the sensors can detect the position of the foot, I would make a forward jump activated by raising one foot (doesn't matter which) higher than normal, forwards, 'rapidly'. The direction of the arc of the foot would initiate a jump in that direction, maybe offset slightly so that the angle is between each foot (a more accurate forward direction) unless the arc diverges more than a certain amount, e.g. the right foot angling away more to the right, in which case your character would jump purely in that direction (diagonally), without an offset. Given there are concentric rings of sensors under the base, this might be possible. That covers forward and diagonal forward jumping. For lateral jumping, the same principle but the technique would be a little different. Rotating the hip and knee outward will move the foot laterally, in a more comfortable motion. For backwards and backwards diagonal jumping, the same as with forward and forward diagonal.

    At what height does the software interpret this higher arc as a jump? This might differ from person to person, as running styles, gait and height may factor in (you could ask for the user's height, have multiple profiles, this may help). I'd make the sensitivity adjustable, so jumps aren't accidentally triggered when running, whilst keeping the arc height as low as possible (before activation) since we want a minimal delay. I'd also make the acceleration minimum threshold adjustable, because games that make use of the SDK might have the player lifting their knees, for instance to stomp on something, and we don't want to accidentally trigger a jump in those situations either. There should be a sweet spot, somewhere.
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