Real Life Full Body to Avatar Generation Using Three Kinects - Amazing.

Thanks to Tim Shephard on Kickstarter for pointing this out:

I love seeing the barriers between the Virtual and the Actual slowly melting away. This has so much potential, I'd love to have it as part of my setup! Sure it'll be cool to have life sized avatars that look however we want them to, but there will be times when true appearances will be really useful. Recognising your friends without having to read their names floating above their heads like you're some kind of Shinigami, virtual business meetings, job interviews, education, healthcare, dating and so on. Of course there's the problem that everyone will be wearing HMDs but... maybe you could have markers on the front panel that allow the software to overlay a 3D model of your missing features based on proximity and orientation? In the future HMDs will likely be no bigger than sunglasses anyway.

You might be thinking, 'Won't it look a bit strange if someone's walking around with the Omni's support arms about them?' Well, assuming the user hasn't altered their support setup, maybe the different viewpoints can be used to fill in occlusions? That combined with a 'green screen' approach that deletes a certain colour and voila - the Omni becomes invisible! Software's becoming so advanced nowadays there's very little you can't do. What do you think, does this tech interest you?
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    Wow, that's pretty crazy! I'm thinking the 3 Kinects experience could be a lot more powerful than just showing your true-life avatar...I'm thinking that could be used for highly accurate input - you reach out your hand to pick something up in a game instead of pushing a button, and now you have to be very precise about placing your hand exactly where the object should be, for example. Very cool, very cool.
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