Control VR - 6 Degree of Freedom VR gloves on Kickstarter.

Hey guys, so this launched on Kickstarter today. What do you think?



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  • NobleBrutusNobleBrutus Posts: 143
    Looks awesome, but much too expensive for me at least.

    I think they should simply market those gloves separately as well at a lower price just monitoring the fingers as I think that would get a lot more backers and a more immediate product with which the profits can develop their tracking system.
  • We got to see a demonstration of Control VR at E3. Having individual finger control is amazing.

    We look forward to seeing how the package develops.
  • They should have had a pizza making section reserved in the Tuscany demo they are showing in this video. Would have been cool to virtually twirl the dough on one of your fingers!

  • MJoMJo Posts: 36
    I got a look at it at E3 (didn't try it though). I'm not surprised their kickstarter was successful - their tech is very exciting to see! From what I could see the finger positions and orientations are very accurate - when they touch two fingers together (on the same hand, or on opposite hands) the corresponding fingers on the screen touch!
  • sutekiBsutekiB Posts: 1,069
    Yeah I would love to have demoed it too, does look very cool. Plus how else are we going to do the Gendo Pose in VR?


    But seriously I see this being very useful for actions requiring greater dexterity, and for non verbal communication (as used in tactical operations requiring radio silence, see vid below)

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  • MJoMJo Posts: 36
    Agreed, this technology takes interaction much farther than "reach out, pick up item" giving a whole range of motion and gesture possibilities. Will be fun to start thinking about applications that require specific hand signals...

    Crazy thought here, combining the Rift with ControlVR you could interact with a virtual touchscreen - in the virtual world you pick up an iPad and put your finger on the screen to play an iPad game! Another case of Inception meets Matrix :o Playing Candy Crush on a virtual tablet using your virtual hands....
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