Play soccer with the Omni ?

Hi. I'd like to know if it could be possible to play soccer with the Omni in such game as Fifa ?
I think it would be awesome to control only one player during the game and feel like you're really in the field (with the Oculus Rift) with people all around cheering you on.
It looks like it's not feasible immediately but maybe later ?
And maybe other sports ?


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    Welcome to the forum @Mist. Maybe in third person. 'Probably Archery' has an Oculus Rift compatible soccer mini game. No cheering crowd however, just zombies who've invaded the pitch. A proper VR soccer game would be fun. You could make running with the ball easy by having an automatic dribble. While a kicking motion would be an interesting option, I imagine it'd be simpler if looking at a player (remember you can have independent moving and looking control) brought up a highlight (maybe a circle or hovering icon) and then you could pass the ball to them with a button press. You could use different buttons for lob or pass along the ground. Yet another button could ask for the ball, or wave your arms if you have motion controls - good for throw-ins too.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing the Omni used in multiplayer sport games like soccer as a way to lose weight and get fit. Would make for some awesome twitch streams/YouTube vids!
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    Thank you for your reply. I think it should require a Kinect or some other new technology like a suit to capture precisely every move of your feet and legs (and your head)
    The point is to have a first person view like if you were really playing soccer. It's my gamer's dream. I hope the success of the Omni will inspire someone to build that kind of feature in the near future.
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