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Hi is there some entitlement we can earn by sharing an idea or idea(s) that can reshape/improve the Omni in a big way? A great paying job would be nice ;) maybe a new Omni or two? I've already suggested a few basic ideas off the top gradually thinking about it.. but as I probe deeper I see a way that can do away with the waist support ring altogether and allow for crouching... unrestricted hand & leg movements that allows for most common game character moves.. Some of us can provide 3D models. I realize any idea we submit that is useful/accepted would ultimately become part of our experience when we buy one but this idea of running "freely" inside games makes me almost want to develop a system right away rather than having to wait so long.. ;) Categories: Design, Engineering, Price Reduction, Maybe it's too early to take on new challenges but in the end this kind of system may help everyone.


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    Nice idea @Ascensi. Community submissions were encouraged from the beginning:
    "See if you can improve on our design by envisioning and building your own. We want to harness the creativity of this community to improve the Omni."
    Of course you can just email suggestions to Virtuix. I've done it a few times myself, and always had a polite response back. As for rewards, I'd certainly accept a well paid job if offered! Not sure what I'd actually DO though (other than spin around in my chair feeling important).
    Alternatively, how about having your virtual bust in a hall of fame, located somewhere in the future Omniverse? It could proclaim your contribution for all time. Throngs of avatars might walk past you every day, gazing up in admiration. 'For awesome services to the cause of Virtual Reality'. I'm not even kidding - that would be sweet. ;)

    I like your categories. Can we add meme creation? I might win that one, through sheer volume, if nothing else.
    Maybe it's too early to take on new challenges but in the end this kind of system may help everyone.
    While Virtuix are laser focussed on getting the Omni out to everyone so we can all start enjoying virtual reality, they're also looking ahead to the next ten, twenty years as the medium grows and evolves. Jan has a fascination with all things VR, so if you have a great idea I'm sure he'd love to hear it.

    If anyone would like to "join the team and be part of an innovation that will disrupt the way we game, exercise, work, meet, and live", head over to the careers page:
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    I realize that the idea I have for unrestricted movement I think I have to protect it first unless Jan likes the design and could somehow guarantee through an agreement not to share or reproduce it -some kind of non disclosure agreement. I believe the concept would complete/compliment the VO in style and functionality while also allowing to sell this add-on to the competitor's customers. Compared to the current crouching system between the VO and the Virtualizer this idea might be able to sell as low as $300 if metal and likely lower with plastic mould injection. One last interesting point I could share is that it can have more uses than just for VR :) I haven't shared the concept on-line with anyone yet so it's fresh and could but shouldn't be exclusive.
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    You could try the contact page:

    Might be a good idea to describe your design (without giving too much away). I figure that would help them determine if this is unique to others that may have been submitted.
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  • We are always interested in your ideas. However ideas are very hard to protect and we don't sign NDAs in order to hear them. You may always reach me thru: developers - at -
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