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Let it be known, payment has been taken and the DK2 is about to ship. Light the beacons!

Think I'm going to camp outside my own front door for the next few days.
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    OMG... it's here.

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    Hi everyone! We just got our DK2s and I've been playing through the currently available demos (very few) - Here's what I've tried so far:

    Oculus Demo Scene – This scene is great, but has no interactions. The graphics are really good, the head tracking is subtle yet immersive, and the overall experience is very well done. No motion sickness.

    Proton Pulse – This game is like 3D Pong where you move the paddle with your face. Very neat idea. The biggest downsides are the obnoxiously bright colors which are hard on the eyes, and the startling feeling when the ball flies through your face. Small amount of motion sickness.

    ArchiVision – Architecture demo of the inside of a kitchen. This demo would be really cool if it was working properly, but there are red and blue outlines around the objects in the scene which makes me think there may be a problem with their stereoscopic rendering. Moderate motion sickness.

    Cyber Space – This demo puts you on a swing that goes back and forth, I took the Rift off within seconds due to motion sickness.

    Spirited Away, the Boiler Room – I appreciated this demo because I just saw the movie, but other than the novelty there was not much to it. No interaction besides walking around, and the graphics were mediocre. Little motion sickness.

    Radial-G – Could not get this demo to work on the Rift…I could see the stereo display on my monitor but nothing I tried got the display up on the Rift. Let me know if anyone has suggestions, it looks pretty cool.

    HELIX – Same problem as Cyber Space. This is a roller coaster experience where you have no control over your movement. I did last longer on this one, but still had to take it off due to motion sickness. Sad thing is, taking the Rift off doesn’t actually stop the motion sickness.

    My Neighbor Totoro – Probably the best demo I played today besides the Oculus Demo. The graphics were not great, and the text instructions were hard to read, but the demo itself was very cute and fun. This was the only demo I tried today that had meaningful controller interactions.

    Anyone else who has the DK2 feel free to share your experience!
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    Hey @MJo, glad you got your DK2s!

    Radial-G is awesome. Try these steps to get it working -

    First, do this:

    Second, set Rift Display Mode into Extend Desktop.

    Switch your gamepad on (I'm using Xbox wireless). Open the exe on Oculus Rift (you should have this option now). You might not be able to see properly at first because it goes through some loading screens, but if you've already ticked the box for Oculus Rift mode like I did (the first time I loaded it was on my desktop display), all you need to do is hit start on your controller a few times and wait for it to load.


    Anyone looking to download the Radial-G demo can find the link here: and here: these lists are being updated periodically.

    And if you like it you should back it. I'm about to! They haven't hit their funding goal yet and they've got under two days left. Was a big fan of Wipeout so I loved this one.

    I'll posts my impressions of the DK2 shortly.
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    And here it is!

    Ignore the webcam lag, the HMD is very responsive. Great job Oculus! Now I'm going to try some more demos....
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