I have two simple questions: What games can I play with VO? How does it work with OR DK2?

So basically, I've ordered a DK2, and I find myself looking at the VO with keen eyes, as it is within my price range and would give me an excuse to do some exercise (I don't like running in public and a treadmill is even more expensive). But I have two questions:
Can I paly any games with the VO? Or only specially designed games? Is there a SW like VorpX for OR that allows me to use VO with a wide variety of games? I've seen Skyrim videos, that gives me hope.
The second question is a bit more tricky: DK2 has IR positional tracking. It still has a magnetic compass, so it has the traditional positional tracking too, but you loose 3 of the 6 DoF when looking away from the camera and the screen goes grey and letters appear telling you the camera can't see you. How do you plan to compensate for this? An idea would be a tray to mount the camera right in front of the user thet moves with him, but I see nothing like that in any omni treadmill. You should think of this, as there are going to be many more DK2 out there than DK1s. If not, I'll have to make my own version of a body harness to hold the cam, but I'd rather an elegant slution from engineers. :)

Thank you for your answers.


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    Hi @Jhondidfool, welcome to the forum! Having tried the Omni I can highly recommend it. I'm no fan of running outside either, but I'd like to be a bit fitter, and be more immersed in the games I play at the same time. It's a real win-win combination. Yes you can play any game, it's just like installing a fancy keyboard for your feet. :)
    What fully supported games will offer in addition is analogue speed (the faster you move on the Omni, the faster your character moves 1:1), and independent looking and viewing directions. This is the future of gaming, and I hope developers will use the Omni's SDK, just as they're starting to use the Rift's to add positional tracking.

    As for whether a third party driver like VorpX could add these extra features to legacy games, I can't say. Using Oculus Rift DK2, you have a number of options. I'll run through them for you.

    1) Mount the camera at head height. You will lose positional tracking when you turn the other way, but there doesn't have to be a distracting message to tell you, this is at the developer's discretion.
    2) Mount the camera above your head. This works, and prevents you losing positional tracking, provided you have a high enough ceiling.
    3) Turn off the camera, and revert to a rotation only DK1-style tracking.
    4) Add a Sixense STEM tracking module to the Rift. This is not dependent on a camera, so will give positional tracking in supported games.
    5) Ask Oculus to add support for an additional camera, and LEDs on the back of the HMD for the consumer version!

    I have a DK2, and I've been testing it to see how well I think it would work with the Omni. You might find a couple of my videos interesting:

    Hope I don't sound downbeat about the DK2, it's an amazing HMD, you'll love it. The fact is however it is still a developer kit, and we shouldn't expect it to have all the features of the consumer version yet. The Omni itself won't come out until later this year and given the rate at which VR is evolving, I think positional tracking and full compatibility between devices like these (and software of course) is just around the corner.
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  • sutekiB, thanks for the answer. Saw your post at my thread in the Oculus Forums :) May I know how high above your head was the camera? I have around 90cm (35.5") to the celling, take 10 to 15cm (4 to 7") less due to the Omni's height. In case that does not work, I'll use DK1 style :)

    Also, another thing that's doable is adding a fish-eye lens to the camera so it has a wider FOV. I'll have to experiment with that when the DK2 arrives. Honestly, double cam sounds cool, but I doubt Oculus is going to upgrade everyone with a second cam.

    When I told my parents the size of the Omni, my father freaked out. It just fits in my room. So much I'll have to make a wooden lid to put over it to walk around whle I'm not using it. The living room is sacred ground, sadly. Let's hope the € gets a little bit stronger so I have some spare money next month afer buying this. Certainly key to a good VR experience. (Man, I'm going to lose weight running in Skyrim and doing Arma missions!)
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    Sure @jhondidfool The camera was about 18 1/2" above my head. Yes I though about a fish eye lens, I'd like to know if that would work. If you see anything let me know! You could mount the camera high up and to the side (say corner of the room). I read that suggestion, sounds like it might it be better, but I think you might lose tracking when looking down and facing away.

    Well, I'm sure once they start using it too it will be sacred because of the Omni!

    Not long now, I'm trying not to put on too much weight in the meantime, haha.
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