After seeing a lot of demos that work well with guns and a little bit on the swords. HOW ABOUT SPORTS? BASKETBALL, SOCCER, AMERICAN FOOTBALL, HOCKEY, CRICKET?
What's Virtuix Omni's take about this issue?


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    Again, as with sword fighting, sports have rarely translated well into videogames IMO due to the lack of adequate motion controls. Wii Spots Tennis at least introduced the timing aspect in a way that felt real and skilful, and was a huge success. Imagine how popular these games will be when true wireless 1:1 controllers are available? I'm sure it's just a matter of time. The Omni can be an integral part of VR sports games by leaving you to concentrate on your swing, while your legs move naturally. It also provides the fitness benefits of sport, without many of the downsides - rain will not stop play in your living room!
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    Thank you for replying here and to my other post, got so much useful info from you. Yes, I believe this is just the beginning of VR and hopefully it will develop and as we say "perfect" its concept before my youth runs out :# Although, I would prefer sports and sword type games :smile: maybe due to my recent addiction with an anime Sword Art Online. But come to think of it its kinda weird to play basketball where you have to need a ball to dribble or shoot, soccer ball to kick. Which I dont see any possibility of those sports to be played in VR. The Sky is the limit. I wonder what improvements can the Omni bring in the future. :smiley:
  • Implementing into the gigh end golf simulation
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