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Hi all,

Hi, I just wanted to order an Omni inkl. Some shoes for my GF. But I have trouble to find the right size.
Par example her chucks are "Men 5.5 Women 7.5 UK 5.5 EUR 38 CM 24.5"
BUT according to your sizing’s
- Men 5.5 is between women 6 and 7
- While your EUR 38 is UK 4.5 and 22.78 cm.

That doesn't fit to each other. By the way, your EUR 38 is 9.125'' and 22.78cm. BUT according to wiki 1'' is 2.54cm. This means 9.125’’ multiplied by 2.54 are 23.177cm.

SO...these are the problems in short:
- Your show sizing is different than the one from Chucks and Vans
- The calculation from inch to cm is different that with the factor I know

I can measure her feet in cm or provide her EUR size.
But if the shoes are made in US size and bad transposed in EUR we get maybe too small or too big shoes :(


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    Hi @Excze, welcome to the forum. Did you get two Omnis or are you sharing? Either way you're a very considerate boyfriend :smile:

    I don't know how or where they will be manufactured but I'll do my best:

    International shoe sizes don't line up well due to the different magnitudes of units. Also, US men's sizes aren't the same as US women's.

    For instance 'Euro 38' can be UK 4 1/2, 5, or 5 1/2! I had a look at the conversion chart; by Men 5 1/2 do you mean UK men's? That's the same as UK women's, and fits into the other sizes you provided. If it's a US men's 5 1/2, then something's not right, as only US Men's 6 1/2 or 7 should match up with UK 5 1/2.

    Based on that info, it looks like your GF wears a 'large' Euro 38 (because she's also a UK 5 1/2, which narrows it down to the upper end of Euro 38). Is that right? In which case you need to select Omni size 6, which is listed as a men's 6. I think this is where some of the confusion comes in. It sounds like your GF is really a men's 6 1/2 or US women's 7 1/2, but neither of those are listed.

    In short then, go for Omni size 6. If you get a follow up email or survey from Virtuix, (which is possible, Kickstarter backers will be getting one), then I'd check to see if they've added an Omni size 6 1/2, or changed it somehow; in which case look for UK 5 1/2, or US women's 7 1/2, if that's the size shoe your GF wears.

    Sorry if that was a bit confusing! It's worth the hassle; believe me you don't want to be running around Skyrim in just your socks.

    And if they don't fit blame me and ask for another pair :neutral_face:
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    Hi sutekiB
    Puuuuurrrfect. Many thanks for your help!

    I will now order one. (We want to share one, and if it fits in both of our expactions we get a second one)
    I will get a pair in 6 for her and if they doesn't fit I will take your word and put blame on you :smiley:

    One Thing remains: With a conversion from Inch to cm which fits to the factor it would be easyer for europe People.

    Many greetings from Germany ;)
  • If no one minds me hijacking the thread.
    Is there any idea of how the shoes fit? For example I measure as a men's 8E, but I have weird feet that can be hard to fit. Short toes, long flattish arch (almost more of a size 9 arch) Heal a bit narrower then normal 8E. Yeah, I'm really a duck... harde, har har. But any way, do they fit like a hard lasted shoe, or are they more like a slip on slipper type. The only thing that makes me hesitate to pull the pin and get an omni is how well the shoes will fit. I'd hate to find I can't use it because the shoes don't fit right.
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    The Omni shoes are like really light, flexible track or climbing shoes. 'Slip on slipper type' also sounds right. You don't lace them up firmly for instance, they have a draw-string fastener on them. I found them very comfortable and didn't have to wrestle my feet into them. You can order more shoes separately BTW, like the harness if that helps. Having a couple of sizes is probably useful when introducing someone else to it.
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    I don't mind the hijacking.
    "You can order more shoes separately [...] Having a couple of sizes is probably useful when introducing someone else to it. "

    Yeeees.... I wooooouuuld, but with 50$ per pair of Shoes, I will not order 3 pair only to see whitch fits best. Even with the possibility that maybe there is a possibility that a guest has this shoe size
  • Hey, I am tall guy and unfortunately wear size 17 US. Am I screwed or what are your suggestions for that?
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    Welcome to the forum @balouu84‌. How tall are you? I would email [email protected] with your shoe size. It might be helpful for them to know how many people need a bigger shoe.
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